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FUn-a-day LA

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Make something everyday!

Make it fun, make it small enough that you can keep on no matter what January brings into your life.

A painting, a song, a photo, a poem, an illustrated word, a dance, a drawing, a painted rock, a story, a melody, a video, a needlework, a quilt square, a sculpture. Everyday, one a day in January and show it at the Camera Obscura Art Lab in Santa Monica on February 11th!

This was the call that Dreamco Crafts  sent out in January and this was the task that kept  14 artists thinking , making, creating, changing, discussing, singing, making, transforming, over the whole month, so to start the new year in a creative mode.

Thank you Amy and Richard from Dreamco Crafts! We need more opportunities to be creative, we need more opportunities to share our diverse creativities, we need more safe spaces where to come together without the pretentiousness of the ego but enjoy our relaxed creative beings instead!


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