I love Trade School

Trade School is a non-traditional learning community that runs on barter. We celebrate local wisdom, mutual respect, and the social nature of exchange. It works like this…

1) People offer to teach a class about something they know.

2) They decide on a list of barter items they’re interested in receiving. Barter items can be in the form of goods or services, both tangible and intangible. For example: jars, music tips, clothes, vegetables, or help with something like finding an apartment.

3) Students sign up for their class by agreeing to bring something from their list.



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Make something everyday!

Make it fun, make it small enough that you can keep on no matter what January brings into your life.

A painting, a song, a photo, a poem, an illustrated word, a dance, a drawing, a painted rock, a story, a melody, a video, a needlework, a quilt square, a sculpture.Every day, one a day in January.

Saturday, February 10
Artists include:
Amy Bauer and Richard Hecht of Dreameco Crafts
Barb Noren
Penny Richards
Emily Sheets
Tilly Mouse
Laure Arnoff
Debbie Wubben
Katherine Skipper
Rebecca Shanzer
and More!

Invite your friends! There will be live music, dancing, light refreshments and lots of art to enjoy (plus some of it is on sale!)!

See you all there!

~Amy & Richard