FUn-a-day LA

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Make something everyday!

Make it fun, make it small enough that you can keep on no matter what January brings into your life.

A painting, a song, a photo, a poem, an illustrated word, a dance, a drawing, a painted rock, a story, a melody, a video, a needlework, a quilt square, a sculpture. Everyday, one a day in January and show it at the Camera Obscura Art Lab in Santa Monica on February 11th!

This was the call that Dreamco Crafts  sent out in January and this was the task that kept  14 artists thinking , making, creating, changing, discussing, singing, making, transforming, over the whole month, so to start the new year in a creative mode.

Thank you Amy and Richard from Dreamco Crafts! We need more opportunities to be creative, we need more opportunities to share our diverse creativities, we need more safe spaces where to come together without the pretentiousness of the ego but enjoy our relaxed creative beings instead!


Catch of the day

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Catch of the day! Is the site specific installation showing at the reDiscover Center. Since the beginning of January the installation has been growing, bit by bit, taking over the whole center.

115 Jelly fish like creatures made of recycled plastic bags are trapped in a plastic net falling from the sky.

reDiscover Center: 12958 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Claudia Borgna’s Plastic Bag Art

Currently on view at reDiscover Center is a site-specific installation by Claudia Borgna. Borgna is a Santa Monica-based German-Italian artist focused on interactions of the “plastic” and natural worlds. She exhibits internationally and received fellowships in Europe, Canada, and the US, as well as numerous awards. Since 2015, Borgna has worked with reDiscover Center to organize art activities for children using recycled materials at area farmer’s markets, schools, and at reDiscover Center.

Borgna’s biomorphic plastic bag creations have taken over reDiscover Center! They are in every room of the front half of the building. Even the bathroom!

Los Angeles Women’s March

On Saturday January 21st we peacefully marched the streets of Los Angeles together with 750 thousand other women, kids , feminists and women supporters.

This is us, performing in our little musical marching band, playing and marching the streets of LA: Whose streets? Our Streets!

The band was founded by mollY Allis. Participants are: Kira, Alexis, Isaac, Melissa, Barb Noren, Dave Muller, and I, more people are to join in!



Me ne faccio un baffo!

Researching on the web I came across this song by Italian rock and roll 60′ singer Angela ( The song not only has the same title as my video but also expresses women’s desire and strive for independence as well as their struggle for equal rights during women’s 60’s revolution.

I find that the song adds another level of complexities to the video.

Santa Monica Sustainable Bill of Rights

Glad to be in Santa Monica. Every City should follow this example!

A message from Cris: “As fellow creatures of the biosphere, our grace and power blossoms in taking care of Mother Earth and each other. Our Santa Monica Sustainability Bill of Rights strengthens our individual and communal authority to safeguard our local natural and human communities. Happy 2017!”

Thank you


Big divestment victories!

divestdec16_3fb-v22016 has been a tough year. Devastating climate impacts and the reality of a dangerous, anti-climate federal government means holding onto hope is more important than ever — so let’s take a momemt to recognize our movement’s successes and learn from our victories.

A new report released today with our friends at Divest-Invest shows that the divestment movement doubled in size since 2015. 688 institutions across 76 countries who represent more than $5 trillion worth of assets have committed to divest!

Share this exciting news with your friends and show that the divestment movement continues to march forward.

And there’s more good news: New York’s American Museum of Natural History, one of the world’s most respected science museums, just slashed fossil fuel investments from its $650 million endowment.

This is big! Today’s news shows just how powerful divestment continues to be in the resistance against a rogue fossil fuel industry, and in shining a light on its devastating impacts. In times like these, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on what the divestment movement has been doing right.

  • We are organizing for the long haul: It’s more important than ever to organize our communities and grow our movement from the grassroots up. The fossil fuel divestment movement has always believed that it will take more than just governments to address climate change, and that remains as true as ever.
  • We are powerful: The fossil fuel industry is fighting for its life against a growing climate movement. 688 institutions including faith groups, cultural institutions, pension funds, and universities have committed to divest from fossil fuels, and resistance to fossil fuel projects is taking root all over the world. This is what happens when we organize and fight, and we must continue to fight.
  • We are keeping the pressure on: In the face of a dangerous and anti-climate federal government and intensifying climate impacts, it’s more crucial than ever to push our institutions — especially locally — to step into their leadership and fight with our communities for climate justice.

The announcement today shows just how far the divestment movement has come. Share this exciting news to show that our movement is strong and we will not back down.

Our work is not over, and there are many more challenges ahead. But the fossil fuel industry is weaker than it’s ever been and we remain strong on the side of climate justice.


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