I have a new website!

I am building a new website with my latest works, mostly video and performance. These works are not in my original website (www.claudiaborgna.com), where plastic bags are the main focus and actors.

The website is still under construction but do have a peek if you can: www.claudiaborgna.org



Race for Water

Race for Water launches its second Odyssey (2017-2021)

Dear Water Guardians,

After the first shocking findings – that a global clean-up of the oceans was now unrealistic – during the Race for Water Odyssey completed in 2015, Race for Water is mobilising again and launching a second expedition focused on a five-year programme (2017 -2021). The new Odyssey will take place on board a unique vessel: the “Race for Water” catamaran (formerly Planet Solar), which is 100% self- sufficient, thanks to its ability to harness both solar energy and hydrogen technologies, developed and produced by the Foundation’s partner company, Swiss Hydrogen.  Acting as an ambassador boat for the programme, “Race for Water” will serve as an educational platform, travelling laboratory and a working demonstration of Clean-tech innovations.

In the service of science… 
Founded in 2010, the Race for Water Foundation has developed a water conservation programme around its three founding pillars: LEARN-SHARE-ACT.

During the first Race for Water Odyssey in 2015, the Foundation’s teams focused on the LEARN and SHARE pillars. That was because it was important to determine the actual extent of plastic pollution and the degree of awareness of the affected communities, in order to identify innovative and effective solutions to address this global issue. After traveling 32,000 nautical miles, visiting three oceans and five major waste concentration areas (called a “Gyre” or “Vortex”), making 16 stops, collecting and analysing 15,420 pieces of macro-waste and 196,250 micro-plastic particles, the conclusion was clear: a large-scale clean-up of the oceans is unrealistic.
Based on these first findings, the Foundation has set the course for a second expedition, which aims to continue the work begun in 2015 and develop the third “ACT” pillar of the programme.
On board the “Race for Water” catamaran, the crew will make stopovers in areas of interest for scientific research where they can also take advantage of events of global significance. This will enable them to reach the widest possible audience in order to promote practical solutions for the collection of plastic waste on land and also to combat the pollution of our oceans. Over five years, they will visit three major areas of study as follows:

  • 2017-2018: Bermuda area and California -> America’s Cup
  • 2018-2020: North Pacific area / South China Sea -> Tokyo Olympics
  • 2020-2021: Middle East area -> Expo Dubai

… and energy transition 
To showcase what is possible during this second world expedition, the Foundation has the first demonstrator vessel in the world using only clean and renewable energy for its fuel and for maintaining life on board. Indeed, thanks to the expertise of Swiss Hydrogen, the “Race for Water” catamaran will be equipped technology to extend its range using hydrogen technology as an energy source. This completely clean supplementary energy, stored as compressed hydrogen gas, will be generated by using surplus energy produced by the solar generator. The hydrogen will be produced on board by electrolysis (splitting the H₂O water molecule) from seawater that can be collected and desalinated during navigation. This on-board system will enable the vessel to quadruple its range. Independent on land and at sea, the H₂ version of this solar vessel, is free from all forms of fossil fuel and has become a showcase of “Clean-tech” innovations and energy transition by offering pragmatic, realistic and modern solutions.

A unique hosting platform 
With no impact on the environment, the “Race for Water” boat is an exceptional hosting platform. With two laboratories (Dry-Lab and Wet-Lab), 90m² of modular workspace with communication and transmission systems (wifi, satellite and optical), the catamaran offers optimum working conditions for researchers from around the world. As a true travelling laboratory, this platform will host research work by universities and international groups so that they can deepen their knowledge on the macro and micro plastics in the most relevant study areas (the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California, Sargasso Sea, South China Sea, Gulf of Oman, Red Sea etc.).

Equally useful as an educational tool and communication medium, the “Race for Water” boat will transform into an exhibition zone, conference centre, reception venue, leading educational facility and even a TV studio –  to raise large-scale awareness among the public and institutions about the need for the preservation of water. Taking advantage of the media already on site, “Race for Water” will stop in Bermuda for the America’s Cup, in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games and in Dubai for the World Expo.

This Odyssey in the service of the oceans, science and energy transition is scheduled to depart in April 2017.

Marco Simeoni, President and Founder of the Race for Water Foundation: “With this second Odyssey, the Race for Water Foundation is continuing its commitment to the fight against plastic pollution and stepping up its efforts. After the bitter conclusion from 2015, we hope to inject some positive momentum into the cause of the preservation water. Today, no one can deny that rational and cost-effective solutions can be put in place to conserve water, and that’s the whole purpose of this new global expedition.”

Gérard d’Aboville, Captain of the “Race for Water” boat: “I am delighted to contribute to a new scientific expedition in the service of the oceans. Setting out on this solar / hydrogen hybrid boat and getting it around safely is a nautical and technological challenge that I’m delighted to be taking part in. The enthusiasm that the catamaran generates at every stopover promises some fruitful exchanges between all those aware of the changes in the maritime world.”

Alexander Closset, President of Swiss Hydrogen SA: “As a partner of the Race for Water Foundation since July 2015, this new global expedition is a turning point in our collaboration on the conservation of water. By contributing our expertise in the area of hydrogen technologies and equipping the catamaran with a production unit, we are facing a new technological challenge in mobility and in the extreme conditions posed by the marine environment. Together, we look forward to showing the potential of these clean energy solutions and to supporting research and outreach projects hosted by the Race for Water Foundation. “

Quando la natura diventa arte 2016

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When Nature becomes Art 2016 – Images 

Bellissimi, Dolcedo, Imperia, Italy

A great success of the public, even this year, for the 10th edition of When Nature Becomes Art which was held on Sunday 4th September 2016 on the occasion of the fest celebrating the Madonna della Misericordia. 25 artists both Italian and International, residents and holiday makers alike, participated. Extremely welcome was the presence of a German family from Heidelberg, participating with 3 artworks . 29 artistic creations found their natural setting in a lovely Ligurian terraced garden of the village. (photos by Maya Rose) 


Come gli anni scorsi grande successo di pubblico alla decima edizione della rassegna artistica Quando la Natura diventa Arte che si è tenuta la domenica 4 settembre 2016 in occasione della festa della Madonna della Misericordia . Hanno partecipato 25 artisti italiani e stranieri residenti oppure in vacanza nell’imperiese . Gradita è stata la presenza di una famiglia tedesca di Heidelberg in vacanza a Bellissimi che han partecipato con 3 opere realizzate da madre e due figli. In tutto 29 opere hanno trovato la loro collocazione naturale in un meraviglioso giardino terrazzato ligure del borgo. (foto di Maya Rose)

Exhibition curated by Guido Gulino.


MAP is in Santa Fe

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From 16th September to 16th October ‘The Map is not the Territory’, curated by Jennifer Heath and Dagmar Painter will be showing at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.



Memories of Plastic bags

What are your memories of plastic bags? This interactive installation titled: Canned, Memories are Priceless aims at finding out! The installation is now exhibiting at Anne and Mark’s Art Party in San Jose :https://artpartysj.com/

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If you feel like sharing your memories of plastic bags, let me know!


Art Party 2016 is right around the corner!

screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-17-53-16I will be here!  Check it out:
The artist pages are now on the website, www.artpartysj.com. Check out the diverse collection of nearly 240 artists that will be exhibiting and if you haven’t already, get your tickets for the Art event you want to be talking about, NOT hearing about!
On Gala Night, we have nearly 50 writers who will be reading in the Spoken Word Lounge, while poets type personalized poems for you under the Cafe lights.
We just made history by picking up what must be the only building permit ever issued for a Rabbit Hole! You will see what the excitement is about, when you go under the blue Fairgrounds Arch and enter our Wonderland.
There is not enough room here to write about the rest of the Gala Night: the Music, Dance, Art Cars, Food Trucks, Live Painting, Fire and Film, but there is room for it all at the Fairgrounds, so come check it out!
Make a weekend of it. We have special Art Party deals at various San Jose hotels. See them here: https://artpartysj.com/about/sj-hotels/ Go out for a meal at a Downtown San Jose eating establishment on Saturday or Sunday and bring the receipt with you on Sunday. It is a free pass to view all the art you missed on Saturday night, because there was just so much happening.
Remember, most of the art is for sale.
And take a look at the ticket page and see that we are offering a “Wall Baron” package, which gets your name on a wall and a “Step It Up” package, which includes a night at the Fairmont Hotel. Both packages include a tax deductible donation and VIP tickets.
Check them out here: https://artpartysj.com/tickets
VIP space is limited and tickets are selling quickly, so if you want those tickets, get them now.
See you on the 24th! Thank you again for all your support.
Anne and Mark and Georgie


“Quando la Natura Diventa Arte” is a yearly exhibition curated by Guido Gulino that takes place in Bellissimi near Dolcedo, IM, in occasion of la Madonna of Misericordia festivities

On Sunday 4th September 20l6 for the occasion of the festivities in celebration to the Madonna of Misericordia the village of Bellissimi will be decorated with a multitude of coloured flags blowing in the breeze.
The festivities start in the morning at l0.00 with a holy mass and in the afternoon from 16.00 onwards there will be games such as guessing the weight of a large round form of alpine cheese, the mouth of fortune (lucky dip) and entertainments for both adults and children with street art and magician shows by Daniel Delministro and Papillon.
Regarding artistic ability, three new murals will be shown. The exhibition When nature becomes art, creations using natural elements, in its 10th edition, will take place. It will be shown in the picturesque terraced garden of the Bellissima family who gave their name to the village.   Will take also place visits to a collective ehxibition and to the ancient Asilo of the village.
There will also be a welcoming spread of refreshments prepared by the inhabitants of the village accompanied with music from Giuliano Giuliani together with Paolo Castiglione eMarina and of course the launching of the well-known paper balloons constructed by Renzo Orengo who surprises and amazes everyone each year.



The Map Is Not the Territory. thanks from students at Concordia


Thank You from Dr. Duncan’s Postcolonial Lit Students

Dear Jennifer,

We deeply appreciate the time you spent and the work you did to provide our Postcolonial Literature Seminar with the PowerPoint accompaniment to your stunning exhibit of The Map Is Not the Territory. After moving through it in class and allowing students to return to it on their own via Moodle, I asked my students to express to you their thanks in a short note, saying whatever struck them most. I have copied those into a single document here. I hope you can tell how much your efforts have meant to us.

With sincere gratitude,


Thank you so much for putting together this PowerPoint for my class. Seeing the art that has come out of these struggles truly helps to deepen my understanding of these conflicts. The Flying Lessons series by Hani Zurob particularly struck me, as did Free D by Rawan Arar and Palestine Dublin 2012. The solidarity and hope that these oppressed peoples have found among one another is so important for the world to witness. Thanks again for taking the time to put together the special presentation for my class – it was a unique experience, and I’m so glad I had the chance to see it.

Audrey Gunn

Dear Jennifer Heath,

I thoroughly enjoyed your PowerPoint presentation on the exhibit, and I was able to make many connections to indigenous people in my homeland (Norway) as well as connections within postcolonial studies. There were a lot of aspects that interested me, but I especially wanted to highlight the art I liked the best. The picture of Palestinian support in Dublin shows clearly the importance of countries that are in, or have been in, a postcolonial situation to stand together. By standing together, they can unite in the quest for true freedom and independence. Thank you so much for creating this presentation and exhibit, and for sharing it with us!

Best wishes,

Ellie Pedersen

The depth and intertwining relevancy of your work struck me throughout the PowerPoint, as your discourse spreads through culture and through time. One slide I particularly liked, was the one that featured your analysis of the role currency can play in different contexts. While I’ve been surrounded by various types of currency in my lifetime, I hadn’t fully considered the implications of currency’s connection with identity. I found the concept of currency operating as an aesthetic that celebrates cultural and political value within the milieu of spaces of social encounter and cultural complexity to be very stimulating. Thank you for making such a huge effort to help us as students connect with the material in the PowerPoint. I appreciated it very much and enjoyed the learning experience thoroughly.

Ben Deetz

Jennifer, thank you so much for the time you took to prepare your PowerPoint and share it with us. It was very helpful for me to go through it, especially after reading the three novels that cover the three communities your PowerPoint focuses. I really like the section about identity. From my experiences of reading the novels, I would definitely agree with you saying that despite all the sufferings they have gone

through, the Palestinians, Native Americans, and the Irish have never lost their identity. I think it is an important lesson for us as readers to note because identity is what defines us. The visuals were also very helpful in understanding these three cultures. Thank you again.

Kalai Laizer

Ms. Heath,

Thank you for creating the interactive The Map is Not the Territory presentation for use in our class. The individual piece that most struck me was Vivien Sansour’s Abu Nadal, particularly with understanding of its context in mind; the Nadal quote,”They consider my parents’ graves, my olives, and my old pine tree a problem,” was interesting for its juxtaposition of such simple, peaceful things as olives and a pine with the looming specter of military government and court disputes.

Thank you again,

Austin Gerth

Thank you for allowing our class to view your presentation. I never realized the ways in which Palestine, Ireland, and the Native Americans are connected. This presentation made me understand how the occupation of a place is more than an occupation of the land, but also an occupation of the people and the ways in which we identify ourselves goes deeper than the place where we live. Your work made me think about the different ways in which art can tell a story. Art has the ability to break down barriers, convey emotions, and tell a story without saying any words. Being able to see these works of art gives insight into the experiences of the people. Again, thank you for putting this all together and giving us the opportunity to learn from it.


Sarah Swansen

I really enjoyed your presentation connecting the three postcolonial peoples we studied. Knowing that the Irish and the Palestinians had a kind of camaraderie was something entirely new to me, but it informed my reading of Mornings in Jenin. The Irish character in that book made so much sense knowing the historical background that your presentation provided. One of my favorite art pieces was Currency 1, 2, and 3 by Mick O’Kelly. I studied in Ireland last fall and learned a little bit of Irish. I love how it was incorporated on the 20 pound note, and how the 10 pound note incorporated bits of Dublin. Then only thing I was confused about was why they were pound notes instead of Euros. Perhaps the artist is trying to say something with that, but I’m not really getting it. Thank you so much for putting together this powerpoint. I really appreciated all your hard work and learned a lot from it. thank you -Michaila Gerlach

Fine Stagione

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E’ giunto il termine della stagione estiva, o per lo meno e’ giunta la  mia partenza. La gelateria Sharbe’ invece chiudera’ il 15 Settembre. Queste sono le ultime immagini di chiusura dei miei sacchetti. Si spengono le luci ma ci rivediamo l’estate prossima stesso mare stessa gelateria!