To be able to announce to the world the final successful results was a moment of great joy for me. Undeniably, it has fed both my artist vanity and the insatiable hunger for recognition as a good and worthy artist. For an instant, the prize shadowed all my insecurities. For an instant I felt relieved by all the obsessive question marks that inhabit my mind: do I need to work harder? Faster? Look deeper? Further? Reach out more? Inward? Compromise more? Network more? Be visceral? More technical? Conceptual? Or rather more spiritual? Does it matter at all?

For an instant I relaxed and felt good about the way I was going: the way of a proud striving artist that wants to be free, and be able to express herself in a honest and genuine way, true to her heart and ultimately to pursue her passion at her own pace, despite the very competitive, fast world all around.

I am proud to share this recognition and to add it onto my Curriculum Vitae of achievements, this might also free sceptical people, and hopefully, for an instant, alleviate them too, from their burdening doubts and insecurities on my art making!

Although the monetary aspect of the competition is a very appealing one at this stage of my life, it is only secondary to my desire to chase my creativity through art, to learn and understand, to further my art practice and to share my concerns in an open exchange with the viewer. I feel that the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize has provided me with these: an opportunity for growth.

Art is undeniably indefinable and subjective, nevertheless the prize of recognition and appreciation are the greatest and most cherished encouragements.