TIPPING POINT: Love Letters, Portals and Rebellions.

“How to hold this moment of environmental precarity in which we exist…? 13 artists and multiple collaborators respond in resilient and poetic ways:
Kim Anno, Claudia Borgna, The Bureau of Linguistical Reality (Heidi Quante and Alicia Escott), Jamee Crusan, Glenna Cole Allee, Alicia Escott, Kiko Le Strange aka Marco Garcia, Stacey Goodman, Rebecca Swan, WHIZ WORLD  with Queen Whiz, Ghost Whiz and Furtips, and the Dream Farm Team.

I am pleased to announce and invite you to TIPPING POINT: Love Letters, Portals and Rebellions. The exhibitions opens February 9 from 6 to 9PM at Dream Farm Commons, 349 15th Street Oakland CA 94612. Please support this artist run space, come by and/or spread the world around! I look forward to meeting you there…..
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TIPPING POINT: Love Letters, Portals and Rebellions
We awoke to the new year with our eyes on the tipping point of the gorgeous planet

An Exhibition at Dream Farm Commons
Opening Saturday, February 9, 6-9PM

Dream Farm Commons 349 15th St Oakland 

13 artists and multiple collaborators respond in resilient and poetic ways:

Kim Anno, Claudia Borgna, The Bureau of Linguistical Reality (Heidi Quante and Alicia Escott), Jamee Crusan, Glenna Cole Allee, Alicia Escott, Kiko Le Strange aka Marco Garcia, Stacey Goodman, Rebecca Swan, WHIZ WORLD  with Queen Whiz, Ghost Whiz and Furtips, and the Dream Farm Team..

How to hold this moment of environmental precarity in which we exist? The world’s leading climate scientists have warned that only a dozen years remain for us to avoid an irreversible tipping point, yet we pitch forward with an ever expanding carbon foot print and economy. How do we hold the geologic impact of our actions, on ocean, land, atmosphere, animals? The illogic of systems tooled for short term profit?  Where to hold fires, floods and fear of extinction?

In this exhibition,  we searched for resilient forms of response, the poetic, the oblique and the direct, for re-tooling, re-imagining in all ways, claiming  both activist boldness  and the subtlety of a small sparrow.

We grounded ourselves first in the visual: small drawings, bold photographs, reconfigured bodily forms, materials from the sea,  mystical futuristic flowers, conceptual considerations… We bear in mind recent movements like Extinction Rebellion and the new Green Deal—what actions, poetics and possibility do they offer us? A thread of feminist magical speculative grounding in the body comes from WHIZWORLD while The Bureau of Linguistical Research provided new words for the emotional and material conditions of our changing state. Shilpi Kumar’s investigations of circular economies offer other forms of critique and consideration.
We have been in conversation with curator Associate Curator Alejandra Labastida,  of MUAC Mexico City. She will join in the dialogue of our artists talks February 20 with a presentation on some of her current works including #NoMeCansaré, the aesthetics of 50 years of activism in Mexico.  She offered us this photo of a wall of posters: STOP, LOOK, LISTEN AND DON’T DISSOLVE.
Join us February 9 or 20 or for one of other exhibition special events. Stay tuned!
Dream Farm Commons is open Thursday-Saturday 12-6PM
Images from top to bottom :
Glenna Cole Allee, Drilling Islands
A photographic exploration of the Drilling Islands, an archipelago built in the 1960’s by Disney’s “Imagineers” to camouflage the architecture of oil rigs rising from the wells tapped below

Alicia Escott, Drawing of the Last Seaside Dusky Sparrow

Claudia Borgna Shopwrecked, plastic bag sculptures

Rebecca Swan, Untitled, microscope photo seaweed  

Alejandra Labastida, PARE, MIRE photograph of wall of posters created by Arte Por La Izquierda

Kim Anno,   Finale Water City Berkeley, photograph

Mini Residencies: As another part of our building a commons, we have invited several artists and thinkers into Dream Farm in a series of mini-residences this month. From January 13 through February 3, Jamee Crusan, WHIZ WORLD, Stacey Goodman and Marco Garcia aka Kico Le Strange will be working here, creating a different series of explorations and visual productions each week. Each of the artists has created a inter-related work for our February Show. but we encourage you to come to see their work as it unfolds:   Whiz World will offer a dinner at Dream Farm January 27 and Stacey Goodman  will make a First Friday performance on February 1. 

Images clockwise from left: Kico Le Strange, aka Marco Garcia; WHIZ WORLD, Jamee Crusan, Stacey Goodman
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Is it better to use recycled paper or FSC-certified paper?

There seem to be so many kinds of environmentally friendly paper to choose from. So which part of the production process is it best to encourage: regenerating forests or recycling paper?
Pile of papers to be recycled
‘Rather than choosing between the two, look for both, as paper products increasingly offer both FSC-certified virgin fibre and recycled content (also certified)’: Lucy Siegle on environmentally friendly paper. Photograph: Alamy

Twenty years ago forests were vanishing worldwide. The developing world lost 200m hectares between 1980 and 1995, and in a climate of ecological panic the Forest Stewardship Council (fsc.org) – a not-for-profit alliance between NGOs, government, and paper and timber players – originated in California.

There has been a decline in global deforestation, thanks partly to the increased use of recycled paper and the purchasing of paper products that are certified as coming from responsibly managed forests. This has been driven by consumers like you. Still, deforestation remains high.

You are trying to choose between two different systems of producing less wasteful paper. Both have merits. Recycling one tonne of paper would power a home for nine months, save 7,000 gallons of water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one metric tonne of carbon equivalent (CO2e). We also “get it” – put the paper in the recycling bin, close the loop by buying recycled, and hey presto: virgin trees have been saved.

Meanwhile, the FSC uses a system of inspecting and tracking timber and pulp right through the chain. So far, 174m hectares of forests have met its strict criteria. Violence and the displacement of indigenous peoples are also prohibited in its chain. This is crucial: forests support 1.6 billion of the poorest people in the world.

The 2010 documentary Sustainable on Paper, by Leo Broers and An-Katrien Lecluyse, exposed a certified plantation in Brazil as a eucalyptus monoculture polluting local communities. Anecdotal evidence from the paper industry suggests that printers are put off by hefty fees to certify as FSC. Just 0.05m hectares of FSC-certified forest are owned by indigenous communities (compared to 50.5m hectares owned privately). But the WWFstill considers FSC certification the only credible one (above the purely recycled).

I suggest that rather than choosing between the two you look for both, as paper products increasingly offer both FSC-certified virgin fibre and recycled content (also certified). OK, so this is not the clear-cut answer you were looking for – but the situation with our forests isn’t clear cut either.


highways series-page-001

I would like to invite you to the inaugural entry of the MOTION CAPTURE series, created & programmed by Patrick Kennelly & Alexx Shilling.


JANUARY Friday 18 @ 8:30 PM – 10:00 PM


The series features new video works with a Strong Movement/Dance/Body-based Component and a Strong artistic voice, encompassing modern, postmodern, contemporary, experimental, music video, narrative, or Hybrid in nature.

This is also the debut event as part of Highways new film programming. The performance space has been retrofitted as a dual-film screening venue with high-end projector, erected screen, 5.1 surround sound, and capability to project works @ Blu-Ray quality and up to 4k resolution.

Artists include:
Claudia Borgna
Rose Carr
Carolina Caycedo & Marina Maghalaes
Cuñao & Cuerva Urban Folklorico
Ann Glaviano
Caroline Haydon / Katherine Helen Fisher
Paris Hurley + OAS / Megan Fowler-Hurst
Shon Kim
Sarah Prinz
Gwynn Shanks
Justin Streichman
Alice Sun
Steph-Marie Szenasi
the space opens @ 8pm showing a compilation of old videos before the start.
Q&A with all the filmmakers/choreographers after the screening.
Hopefully you can attend.
Spread the word if you can,

Love my plants – with me

Documentation of performance piece, titled: Love My Plants With Me, held at University Art Museum Long Beach. The performance activated Eugenia Butler’s Lover’s Bench for a New Millennium sculpture during the Sunday Afternoon at the UAM event organised by Catherine Scoti Scott.

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