I am really pleased to announce that the time based media travelling exhibition has finally started its journey.
its now showing at the Los Gatos Museums in California.
Nigeria is already scheduled next in October by Upez African Humanitarian Development Projects
then Colorado, West Virginia, Connecticut, Texas, and California, hopefully Bangladesh and Italy will join in next.

It is an heroic effort to put together such pertinent art event. For this we can all thank its curator: Jennifer Heath. The goal is to not have all that creative energy dissipate and washed away by time and space but rather to build upon and gain strength to cross many oceans, reaching out to many people.
A regatta for better awareness of ourselves, for our new world and for the future of many young people to come.
It is a non-profit event and will need all kinds and possible support, for more info do check out the website:
here you can find out about Jennifer Heath, about the artists participating,  the itinerary of the show as well as discover many useful links and resources.  If you feel generous and supportive you could also make a donation to keep this exhibition afloat for longer as well as to extend its journey. Contribute and you will be part of a much bigger project that will grow with you……….jump on board to sail across the bridge, I say!

Spread the word to the world!

By the way I am very honoured to have two of my videos be part of this festival.

Few pics of the opening night at Christie’s

The opening night of I HEART 3D at Christie’s Hangar Gallery in South Kensington, London.

The show will be running until the 20th August

Overall I feel pleased about the final result of my work. Mainly I was happy I’ve managed to get it up there!
Setting the work up was in fact not straight forward as it seems. For health and safety reasons I was not allowed to hang the 2500 bags from the beams of the metal structure, plus there was not a high enough ladder available to reach up to them.

It was nerve racking that I also had never seen the space before. When I finally managed to rush there for the first time I had only three days altogether to make the work and resolve the problem, with only few hours access to the space beforehand.  My work being the largest and occupying the middle part of the hangar gallery had to be installed first in order to determine the positioning of the other artists works. 
The final solution was to create a network of very thick fishing line where to hang the bags from. The wire was fixed onto six mobile hooks that are suspended from the ceiling and are electronically controlled: up or down.

………and few images of ‘IT ALWAYS RAINS ON WET’ by night!

I HEART 3D quick update

A quick update on the last group show: I HEART 3D at Chistie’s Hangar Gallery in  London. The show will be free and open to the public until 20th August.

Although I did not win the 3000 pound prize, the exhibition had a very good turn out with 300 people showing up at the opening night: an elegant champagne and canap├ęs reception enjoyed by an eclectic crowd.
My work was well received and once more I was pleased to observe how people can immediately relate to my installations breaking the ice and the boundaries between art and everyday life and therefore making communication and exchange more accessible.
Here is a link to a write up on my work by Phoebe Pryor for Art Galleries Magazine

More links to write ups:

In view of my Public Practice MFA course, which I am hoping to be able to start in Los Angeles next year, depending on financial funding and on a scholarship, I was really hoping, or better, I could have really used that monetary prize. Altogether I am very pleased to be part of this event and feel happy for Katie Surridge to be the winner of this competition. Katie’s work is just amazing and it’s definitely a well deserved achievement on her part. 
I will keep applying to other opportunities and awards hoping to be able to eventually cover all the costs of my MFA programme.

For me this experience at Christie’s was also very interesting under other aspects. I don’t sell artwork so I feel I have entered a space otherwise most probably restricted to artworks like mine. A little achievement in this world of ‘objectification and commodification’, I say!

I really would like to thank Shital Pattani, Lisa Howard, George Marsh, Colin Bradley and all the friendly staff at Christie’s for their amazing help and support.

Here are some pics of the work which title is:


Plastic on water, water on plastic, in and out, from the outside to the inside,
Suffocating the thick air, like a storm passing through but here to stay 
And stain the trail of my stream.

An attempt to bring the outdoor world inside: rain, air and recycled plastic bags, captured and imprisoned into a poetic provocation.

A light and airy landscape that is in fact a subtle suffocation.

A Landscape that reflects the sign of our time where the environmental crisis is laced to the economical one.

a web of wire was attached to mobile hooks 


Water inside the bags, water contained restrained and controlled but eventually freed by the laws of nature, evaporating to ether, leaving the bags empty again.