Aftermath of a successful show: ‘INSIDE" @ BLANKSPACE in Manchester



Nor dead or famous but it looks like that my work has inspired other young artists like this one:
As flattering as I feel, I do hope that with time he will be able to further elaborate and articulate those initial  inspirations in order to develop a very own and original idea. I am confident that Baron Yulian Stankulov will eventually succeed in claiming a personal concept, like artist and photographer Courtney Michalik has done, by the way very interesting blog Courtney!


Today while working preparing my bags for the next show at the Gewerbemuseum in Switzerland, an unusual guest visited my studio: it was a queen bee!
I am not sure what she was looking for. Was it help? A companion? A new nest? Or a honeybee? Or simply some honey? Or maybe art?
Or maybe she was just lost like the rest of us, for sure those few buzzing instants brought some excitement of fear, beauty and sadness.
Now flown away she has brought and left me with a new idea!
Thank you your highness Queen Bee!


Coming up soon is May 24th an important appointment to try to figure out our new future.
The date will be held at the Santa Clara University, California, I feel very honoured to be able to take part  to this event showcasing some of my works.

Theme: Climate Volatility, Global Supply Chain and Regional Resilience

Is your company prepared for catastrophic impacts of a changing climate? Can strategies for adaptation reduce GHG impacts and increase profitability? How is the drive for sustainability catalyzing innovation? What is the role of leadership for regional resilience and global sustainability?

Find out what leaders in business, science, insurance and government are doing to understand the climate outlook, and to address risks to global supply chains and solutions for adaptation and regional resilience.  The 2012 WEST Summit will look across sectors to examine the problems, solutions, inspiration, innovation and action necessary to catalyze change to address climate volatility while maintaining business vitality. Explore entrepreneurial ways to grow jobs and regional prosperity while repairing planetary systems.
A large roster of high-caliber speakers and exhibits, which include the Mitsubish i-car, art, and closing reception with fine wine and cuisine.

The WEST Summit is extremely valuable in providing the ability to discuss common topics of interest across a varied set of companies, government, and NGO’s. This is very difficult to find elsewhere.
Jose Iglesias, Vice President, Symantec

Conference Information

WEST Summit 2012

May 24th, 2012
8am to 6:30pm


Paul L. Locatelli, S.J., Student Activity Center
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053

For more details please check those links out:


At the moment I am working at a new piece to be part of the group exhibition titled: Oh, Plastiksack! curated by Susanna Kumschick at the Gewerbemuseum in Winterthur, Switzerland.
The private view is on the 2nd June for more details check those links out:

Oh, Plastiksack!
Ausstellung/Exhibition Gewerbemuseum Winterthur3. Juni – 7. Oktober 2012 / 3 June – 7 October 2012
Einladung zur Ausstellungseröffnung 
am Samstag, 2. Juni 2012, 16.00 Uhr
Invitation to the Opening of the Exhibition, Saturday 2 Juni 2012, 4pm
Ausstellung mit/Exhibition with:Poklong Anading – Marie-Claire Baldenweg – Biaugust – Andreas Blank – Claudia Borgna – Uwe Bülles & Iris van Bebber – Brigitte Corell – Ida-Marie Corell – Lauren DiCioccio – Ryan Frank – Johanna von Gagern – Lukas Julius Keijser – Ian Kiaer – Kim MyeongBeom – Krištof Kintera – Camila Labra Fontana – Luzinterruptus – Simon Monk – Torsten Mühlbach – Sheila Odessey – Poka-Yio – Anne-Cécile Rappa – Dodi Reifenberg – Gregor Schneider – Roald Sivertsen – Lisa Tiemann – Ruben Verdu – Luzia Vogt – Nils Völker – Iskender Yediler 
Gewerbemuseum WinterthurKirchplatz 14CH-8400 WinterthurTelefon +41 (0)52 267 51 36