After three weeks working on the outdoor piece for the North Devon Hospice, the final stages are finally here and I am now packing up getting ready to jump on yet another plane with all my bags to set them into a new installation!

 …and what’s inside? white plastic bags of course! about a thousand of them moulded into a new shape, here is a photo of a quick initial test, the final result is a surprise!…..


At the moment I am working for another outdoor installation for he North Devon Hospice, Deer Park, Newport in Barnstaple. This opportunity came together with the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize.
I will be posting pics very soon……..

Below I have posted a video documenting the initial stages of the installation that has now been taken down. The same bags will be shipped to the Silicon Valley in California where I will be using them for my next solo show at the Museum of Los Gatos where I am planning to take over the whole building with my bags


The spring Texan winds have been blasting on my bags, molding them into new sculptures.
The artwork has been taken down before the end of the show for safety and aesthetic reasons. Despite the fact that I get the chills every time I think of those uncontrollable hurricane like winds against my uncontrollable bags and i can only pray for them not to fly freely around in the environment, I am thrilled by the wind moulding process of my sculptures. I wish I was able to be there onsite to film and monitor all the changes and the inevitable transformations.
I am attaching few pics of the last stages of the installation that were sent to me by the Greg Metz, the curator of the show.