El Paso Museum of Art Friday, June 6 Water water pean to a vanishing resource

EPMA Vanishing Ice_Water_Water_ Tri-Fold Invitation_PROOF_4-page-002EPMA Vanishing Ice_Water_Water_ Tri-Fold Invitation_PROOF_4-page-001El Paso Museum of Art_June_Tri_Fold_PROOF 06-page-002El Paso Museum of Art_June_Tri_Fold_PROOF 06-page-001WATER WATER, PAEN TO A VANISHING RESOURCE IS OPENING AT ELA PASO MUSEUM OF ART





Water Water Everywhere Open Forum & Discussion

If you like to follow the travelling water show titled ‘WATER WATER EVERYWHERE; PAEN TO A VANISHING RESOURCE’ and curated by Jennifer Heath, ¬†follow the blog: