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logo on black FB croplogo on whitepostcard_bck_1R3I am pleased to announce that I will be part of the Vision LA Fest in two occasions. During the opening of the event on November 30th at the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica I will be performing Domestic Apocalypse, a collaboration with artist Jenny Kane: .domestic apo
And on December 6th at Helms Walk in Culver City I will perform Beauty Parlor .BeautyParlour_Borgna

I am really honoured to be part of this festival that features 80 events happening all over LA during over the course of 11 days of creative action for more info about the events see: 
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food not bombs – Keith McHenry too is Hungry for peace

March 23, at noon at the LACC Student Union. Food Not Bombs gives away free, donated food in public. Its local chapters span the globe, providing support after natural disasters as well as meals for the hungry and homeless. McHenry is a well-known activist, and his book Hungry for Peace teaches grass-roots activism.
The lecture will be followed by a reception from 2–4 pm, at the LACC Art Gallery in Da Vinci Hall, where Keith’s watercolors will be included in an exhibit called Art | Food | Activism, with the art collective Fallen Fruit.


Artist, activist, and author Keith McHenry
Artist, activist, and author Keith McHenry co-founded Food Not Bombs in Boston with seven friends in 1980. He enjoyed his childhood living at the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Shenandoah and several other National Parks. Keith studied painting at Boston University and started a graphic design company called Brushfire Graphics.

He has recovered, cooked and shared food with the hungry with Food Not Bombs for over 30 years. Keith was arrested “for making a political statement” by sharing vegan meals in San Francisco, spent a total two years in jail and faced 25 years to life in prison. He has written two books including “Hungry for Peace – How you can help end poverty and war with Food Not Bombs.”

Keith lives with his partner and fellow Food Not Bombs activist, Abbi Samuels, in Santa Cruz, California and at their farm in Taos, New Mexico. He enjoys tending to their gardens, sharing meals with the hungry, maintaining one of the movement’s websites and helping coordinate logistics for Food Not Bombs. He is an experienced public speaker giving presentations at colleges and conferences all over the world. Keith also draws, paints, and writes about social justice issues.




Food Not Bombs
P.O. Box 424, Arroyo Seco, NM 87514 USA

Start a Food Not Bombs | Main Menu | Food Not Bombs Contacts |  Donate A Dollar For Peace |

Helen Zughaib

Surfing through WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE ~ Poems, Short Prose & Art I just could not resist to ask permission to Jennifer Heath, curator of the show Water Water Everywhere Pean to a Vanishing Resource, and to artist Helen Zughaib to include this beautiful artwork to my blog:


Painting by Helen Zughaib©

Moonlight Fishing

A recollection of days gone by before Kuwait struck it rich with oil. Pearl diving is now just a highly respected folkloric celebration to remind the younger generation of the old days. Moonlight Fishing is a paean to a vanished tradition, a vanished resource.

Helen Zughaib was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and lived mostly in the Middle East and Europe before coming to the United States to study art. She received her BFA from Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts. She paints using gouache and ink on board, transforming her subjects into a combination of colors and patterns, creating a nontraditional sense of space and perspective.

Zughaib has exhibited widely in New York and the Washington D.C. area. Her paintings are included in more than 80 private and public collections, including the White House, World Bank, Library of Congress, United States Consulate General, Vancouver, Canada, American Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, and the Arab American National Museum in Detroit, Michigan. Most recently, she served as United States Cultural Envoy to the West Bank, Palestine.

Zughaib feels that her background in the Middle East allows her to approach the experiences she has in the U.S. in a unique way, remaining an observer of both the Arab and American cultures. She believes that the arts are one of the most important tools we have to help shape and foster dialogue and positive ideas about the Middle East.

Hopefulness, healing, and spirituality, are all themes that are woven into her work.

Moonlight Fishing, 24 x 24, gouache on board, collection of Russ Conlan and Doug Hansen.

El Paso Museum of Art Friday, June 6 Water water pean to a vanishing resource

EPMA Vanishing Ice_Water_Water_ Tri-Fold Invitation_PROOF_4-page-002EPMA Vanishing Ice_Water_Water_ Tri-Fold Invitation_PROOF_4-page-001El Paso Museum of Art_June_Tri_Fold_PROOF 06-page-002El Paso Museum of Art_June_Tri_Fold_PROOF 06-page-001WATER WATER, PAEN TO A VANISHING RESOURCE IS OPENING AT ELA PASO MUSEUM OF ART