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I hate my grandfather’s imposition

I hate my mother’s imprisonment

I hate my stepfather’s conviction

I hate myself for not being free.

Yet the love inside me cannot wait to burst.




Stop stalking me,


following me everywhere, fooling around with me, confuse me, threatening me, violate me, hurting me, suffocating me, forcing you on me



you cannot persuade me.


you will never convince me,


you cannot force me anymore.


you cannot buy my heart.


I will never love you,

For my soul cannot be conquered but only loved

For my soul cannot be consumed.


For those that have to keep the spirit of their hearts locked up into hidden sacred places.



Beautifully Shopwrecked: A London Oxymoron


Several months ago I was approached by Cristina Ramos and Elisabetta Rabajoli, two young and promising curators attending Nico de Oliveira’s CURATING THE CONTEMPORARY MA porgramme at the London Metropolitan University.

The fact that I had graduated from that same university and that Nico had been my tutor was just a pure coincidence that led to a very exciting but challenging project.

Elisabetta and Cristina’s elaborated a project where not only I had to come up with a definition for a term to describe or predict London’s future, but I also had to complement that word with an artwork of mine which had to frame the definitions of the terms written for the occasion by writers: Daniel F. Herrmann, Oliver Carruthers, Nick Haeffner, Duncan Hay, Mark Hutchinson, Nina Power and Nick Bearman. To top it all up the work had to be installed by the curators themselves.

But that’s not all. I was away from London and could only fly in on one specific day to bring the artwork in and to view the space. BUT, but, my luggage got lost and landed in Munich instead. Only after one whole and stressful week the luggage chase ended, this time at the post office: the last resort for a last attempt to try to get my work to its final destination.

Well, let me tell you, quite an Odyssey all together. Eventually everything did come together and now I am feeling overjoyed to have been able to be part of this experience.

Elisabetta who I was able to briefly meet at the Venice Biennale  and Cristina who unfortunately I’ve never met, have done a great job with my bags and the show is finally opening tonight at Rich Mix in East London. I would like to thank Pauline Desouza and Hannah Garrett from Diversity Art Forum for all their amazing support in making this show happen. Also, I need to mention that this exhibition is a joint collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery which I think is doing a great job supporting young curators and the London Metropolitan University.

I am posting few pics Cristina and Elisabetta have sent me so far. For more info the link to the venue: The show runs until September 21th

By the way the titles of this work is: Beautifully Shopwrecked: A London Oxymoron

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Here is also the term I came up with and its definition:

To be honest with you I had moments I wanted to swap it with the term Cloudy and with another work of mine titled: It always rains on wet! That would have been very appropriate for London and for adventure.I HEART 3D quick update

Beautifully shopwrecked: A London Oxymoron



Definition of shopwreck

noun (plural shopwrecks)

1 [mass noun] the aggregate of people whose sole economic policies are based on

consumption and whose principles of the market have become universal principles of

human sentiment and behaviour.

• the community that can only function through excess consumerism as by the

commodification of nature and therefore of the fundamental values of human beings.

• the society reduced to dependence from a rampant materialistic ideology where the

greater progressive consumption of goods is economically and socially beneficial but in fact

acts to the disadvantage towards all natural orders.

• the civilization that could only survive whilst anchored to a system of reckless

consumption and waste and whose culture is marooned in materialist values of possession.

2 the collapsing of all social and natural domains into single western market logic.

all that reckless shopping heralds shopwreck


by rejecting conscience, they have made a shopwreck of their future


(be shopwrecked)

(of a person or society) suffer a shopwreck: feel shopwrecked: to shopwrecked a place:

The economy has shopwrecked that Country

He felt as he had just shopwrecked his life

(as adjective shopwrecked)

a person so desperate that seemed shopwrecked

Origin: shop + wreck


Middle English: shortening of Old French eschoppe ‘lean-to booth’, of West Germanic

origin; related to German Schopf ‘porch’ and English dialect shippon ‘cattle shed’. The verb

is first recorded (mid 16th century) in the sense ‘imprison’ (from an obsolete slang use of

the noun for ‘prison’).


Middle English (as a legal term denoting wreckage washed ashore): from Anglo-Norman

French wrec, from the base of Old Norse reka ‘to drive’; related to wreak

London Future: The Floating City 13th-21th September

einvite -Floating City.On behalf of Diversity Arts Forum and curators Cristina Ramos and Elisabetta Rabajoli, I would like to invite you to the London Future: The Floating City exhibition taking place at the RichMix Lower Gallery.
The exhibition will explore the concept of London in the future through a collaboration of phrases and collected ideas to form an index. This index will be the frame for a site-specific installation by Claudia Borgna. Borgna has described the intention of her work as building ‘an awareness and make a comment on the way we are living, on our values and how they effect the environment’ which epitomizes the idea of the London Future exhibition. Borgna will also be showcasing this year at the Cologne International Video Festival and at The Jerusalem Fund Gallery, Washington, D.C. USA. Writers of the index include Nick Haffner, Nick Baerman, Mark Hutchinson, Duncan Hay, Nina Power, Oliver Carrutheirs and Danial F. Herrmann.
For more info click on the Catalogue images here below:
I I would like to officially thank Pauline Desouza from Diversity Forum and Hannah Gatter.

And some rough sketches:

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Waiting Room was filmed at Cap Landen, or better at Enrico Landini’s beach, my favourite place when in Italy. I have been going to this beach for years and always finding it very inspirational. Loads of my videos material and footage have been filmed here. Shame that the plastic bags you’ll see in this video I have rescued from the beach.


Still 5WAITING ROOM and the previous two videos  (FOR SALE NOT FOR SALE and TRA ORIZZONTE, INFINITO E PRECIPIZIO C’E’ IL MARE) posted prior to this, are my last works for this season.Still 1

Next week I’ll start a new adventure at OTIS College for Art and Design in Los Angeles. For the next two years I will be a student again attending Suzanne Lacy’s Public Practice MFA programme.

While I am very excited for this amazing opportunity and to the prospect to intensively learn and experiment again I am also holding my breath in trepidation, wondering what will happen next to my art and I. Where will we be going?8

This video WAITING ROOMS was inspired by PAUL KIKUCHI’s music. The piece is from the album OPEN GRAVES: HOLLOW LAKE and titled: WAITING ROOM! Although other circumstances influenced the making of the film I really liked the idea that this time a video work was created to complement a piece of music rather than the other way around.

I am a great fun of Paul’s work and this is not the first time that we ‘collaborate’ or better that he lends his work to me!

I met Paul at the Montalvo Arts Center in 2012 and would love to meet JESSE OLSEN BAY too. Jesse and Paul perform together in this album, check it out: OPEN GRAVES:HOLLOW LAKE PREFERTURE RECORDS© 2009