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….the story of my life …and of my bags too! But this time the bags were completely on their own, stranded and lost.

From Nice airport to Munich then Birmingham and back to Nice and eventually Italy!

The actual final destination was London were I was desperately waiting for them to join me.

The bags will be part of my next show at Rich Mix on Benthal Green Road (I will post more about that later on).

After 5 exhausting days of a frenzy chase of the bags, tracing them  from one airport to the other via mobile phone (which I eventually also lost on the bus)I decided to remake parts of the artwork in order to avoid an embarrassingly meeting by presenting myself empty handed.

Once I realized that the bags where never going to return to me in time, I rushed to buy (very bad!) 100 new bags and a dinghy. Three hours before my meeting I was sitting on East London’s pavement taping bags in the scorching heat wave!

Here are pics of the airport stickers that witness the adventure.


A bit of Nostalgia

Here is a video that features a highlight at Anne & Mark’s Art Party in 2011: Bonfire Bob performing.

My plastic bags filled with water are in the background! At some point we considered having Bob, who is a Burning man regular, perform on my plastic bags installation……….

Anyways here is the video:

Anne just informed me the City of San Jose has banned the use of disposable plastic bags since this piece.

She also was wondering about the original bags.

Well Anne, they are getting ready for their next show. This will be in Pavia, in Italy at  Palazzo Bottigella……More of that soon…….