celebrating and grafting — inside the bread oven

Map Montalvo LAP 75.10 International Events - SmallMIGHTY AS A FLOWER poster black Claudia Borgna (1)

Celebrating and grafting, flowers and spaces, nature and art, art and people, Montalvo and Dolcedo ovens and piazze, parks and “carruggi.”

Inside the Communal Bread Oven of Dolcedo a magic field of “spighe di grano”grow out of the shade of history.

Grafted onto flower sprouts the imagination into a fantastic secret world of magic ear of corns, flames, brooms and whatever else you can perceive in that interconnected space between Villa Montalvo and the Bread Oven of Dolcedo.

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OTIS 1st year BA students of Lara Hoad’s class’Ban the bag, abolish the bottle: Ways to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans’¬†are proud to present their final work @ Mittel Art Supplies Store on Lincoln Blvd. In Venice.


 Save the date for 5th December and spread the word to the world.