photo 2In the context of our exhibition: ”Race for Water – Preserving  water” we are pleased, to invite you to a round table followed by a lunch buffet to be held on Thursday 5 December 2013 from 11:30 to 13:30 at “Quartier Libre SIG”, Pont de la Machine in Geneva, on the theme: “Plastic pollution in water – what solutions?”

This roundtable will bring together professional actors on the subject, an opportunity to share and work together on water pollution.


Press release in English and in French

Press release 23 september 2013

Discover the new exhibition
“Race for Water – Preserving water”!

rom 4 October to 15 December 2013 Race for Water Foundation is co-organising with the SIG (Services Industrials of Geneva) an exhibition on the preservation of oceans and freshwater !Visitors will be led in a fun and interactive way to explore the mysteries of water, in order to better understand why and how our Planet’s most precious resource needs to be better preserved !

The exhibition is located in a symbolic place on the water in the heart of Geneva, and will be divided in three spaces:


Not to forget our common thread named TITEUF, the most precious ambassador of the RACE FOR WATER Foundation !

Quartier Libre SIG, Pont de la Machine 1, 1204 Genève

From Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm – FREE ENTRANCE

Register here: 00 41 (0) 22 420 75 75 or

Quartier Libre
Espace Expo SIG
Pont de la Machine 1
1204 Genève
0041 (0) 22  420 75 75

Anne-Cécile Turner, Directrice
0041 (0) 79 897 31 07

Race For Water Foundation

Av. de Provence 4

Lausanne 1007


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The RACE FOR WATER Foundation is a charity dedicated to water preservation. It aims to educate and raise awareness on two major issues related to water pollution of lakes and oceans by plastic and preservation of freshwater. The Foundation has set up a program on three principles:LEARN: to raise public awareness
SHARE: work together to make a difference
ACT: implement concrete solutions

RACE FOR WATER coming soon in GENEVA

Invitation_online_race_for_water-page-001 Invitation_online_race_for_water-page-002This exhibition will be held in “Quartier Libre -Pont de la Machine” in the heart of Geneva City from 4 October to 15 December 2013. The entrance will be free. The visitors will discover the mysteries of water to a better preservation and it will be divided in three spaces.

1. Freshwater:
Water footprint – in the first part, visitors can discover the various challenges of water conservation including key facts and figures, videos explaining the stakes, and information panels on the subject.

2. Oceans:
Sailing for the planet!
In the second area, visitors will discover an unique approach: How Race for Water Foundation is inventing a new tangible way of preserving the most precious resource on the planet, through an offshore sailing race, and its ambassador boat Race for Water, skippered by Steve Ravussin.

3. Preservation:
The end of this exhibition will take the visitor to reflect on his personal involvement on water footprint, discover the stakes of plastic pollution in the oceans and will be invited to offer his own solution to reduce his water consumption!

The opening will be on Thursday 3rd October


For this exhibition I have made 19 flowers to be hanged by the curators inside the Venue.

Here are pics of one sample out of its future context:

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The TITLE of the work is: FORGET ME NOT. and this is my statement to go with it:

How to frame the sea? How to trap water?

Both seem impossible tasks, yet man has been prolifically industrious in damaging great parts of this vital asset: our most comprehensive resource. But can he create a new replacement for water or even just a close imitation of it? “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”, Magritte would then say!

Art has great influence but is not supernatural and nor is man. He would have to be invested with nature’s magical powers. Then again, could he really be a self-contained substitute as generous and responsible as nature?

As much as he is trying to fool around with nature, the best he can really do is try to complement it, if not with love then with gratefulness, if not with respect then with education, because ultimately we all need our water. I like mine clean, pure and crime free, and you?

For many, to advocate for water might seem a romantic, maybe naive, possibly poetic banal act, maybe just as obvious as marvelling a timid wild flower or an overlooked plastic bag.

‘Forget me not’, for water will remember when we will not have nor memories or identity left but a consumed landscape of discarded leftovers.

An ocean framed by flowers, is the nostalgic image of ‘green’ beauty and purifying sensations that I keep trapped in my mind while the rustling of plastic bags remind me of the freshwater ‘forget me nots’ need to bloom.

Water and plastic bags, both commodified global goods, symbols of the daily struggle between nature and western culture.