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Kids Land Art Symposium 2018

Kids’ Land Art Symposium, 2018

Campsite Sotto il Faggio di Agnese and Gianluca Scapin

Artist in residence: Claudia Borgna

Title: In Tune


The idea of a Land Art symposium for children came during last year’s Land Art Symposium ‘Pura Natura’ hosted by the campsite Sotto il Faggio and organized by Carla Cremers and Tegi Canfari. Led by Claudia Borgna and inspired by the artworks created during that occasion, the children of the campsite from observers and assistants became artists themselves. So why not create an official ‘Kids’ Land Art symposium where kids can express their own vision of how to relate to our/their natural environment?

Experimental and open to improvisation, the fundamental concept of this project aims at a creative experience harmonious with the marvellous nature of the Maritime Alps. Agnese and Gian Luca Scapin have invited Claudia Borgna to be the artist in residence at the camping site Sotto il Faggio. During the first week of August, Claudia will assist youngsters staying at the campsite apply their creative creative abilities, whether observational, philosophical, analytical, manual or practical. Natural materials foraged on site will be transformed by the children into temporary site-specific en plein-air sculptures. A final presentation open to the public will narrate their shared creative adventure. By becoming responsible interdependent active subjects, the children will educate us adults to set the missing example of how the world should really be! Culture and nature, not separate and conflicting but rather harmonious, and above all interdependent entities.

This space dedicated to the most majestic and trustworthy teacher, will celebrate nature and the new generations that it will host. I thank the Campsite Sotto il Faggio for once again so generously and bravely opening up their space to art and culture. An alternative to traditional mainstream art circuits, this experience will hopefully bring culture a step closer to nature: we have a long way to go.


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