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Thank you for contributing to the success of
Interactive Art Installation and Exhibition
Here is a recap if you missed the fun and excitement of the day!
Saturday’s Art Walk at the Helms Bakery, with its over seven thousand visitors, was replete with entranced children and fascinated adults. Helms Walk was abuzz with impassioned conversations around solutions to the existential crisis of trash.
Art enthusiasts gleaned inspiration from Garth Britzman’s ingenious Tennis Swing.  His work proved an excellent photo op for Instagram.
Made Out of WHAT founder, Denise Domergue, left, discussed its mission and practices. Behind them, Italian artist Laura Stefani’s delicate and colorful wall piece elicited awe as viewers discovered that the finely woven mesh was made of thin strips of plastic bottles cut with manicure scissors.
Designer, Lisa Staugaard, learns about artist Aaron Kramer as she reads his bio and facts about street sweeper bristles.

Renowned international artist Claudia Borgna taught countless excited comers of all ages how to turn a plastic bag into a flower at our free interactive installation workshop.

While some participants chose to take their flowers home, this newly anointed trash art expert decided to plants her flower within the installation.
The larger-than-life installation by Claudia Borgna delighted and invited children to play in the wonderland she created.
We couldn’t be happier with the huge turnout and enthusiasm. We would like to personally thank Angela Anthony, Communications Director of the Helms Bakery District, for the invitation to curate a Made Out of WHAT exhibition for the Culver City Art Walk and Roll Festival. We would also like to thank Claudia Borgna as well as all our artists and volunteers for enabling another successful event!

About Claudia Borgna

Claudia Borgna artist

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