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Ramadan is coming soon At the Arab british centre

Arab British Centre


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R amadan Night
This evening will revive old Ramadan traditions from the Arab and Muslim world. Arts Canteen will gather musicians, poets and story tellers for a magical evening.
Saturday 20 June, 9pm @Rich Mix |£12 -£15
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T he MapIs Not the Territory
This exhibition looks at relationships and commonalities in Palestinian, Native American, and Irish experiences of invasion, occupation, and colonisation.
12 June- 25 July @P21 Gallery |Free
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An evening of Western Classical and Arabic Music with Palestinian and British musicians   dedicated to the students and teachers of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in Palestine.
Thursday 25 June, 7:30 pm @St James’ Church | £70- £40-£25-£15
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B E F estival: MOUVMA! Collectif Corps Citoyen (Tunisia/Italy) 30 min
Three actors take us back to the beginning of the Arab Spring in Tunisia. Torn between a desire to witness change and a desire to escape the chaos, a time of anger, dignity, and dull helplessness.
June 27, 7pm, @The Studio, Birmingham| £12-£22

Proud To be part of this show: a preview of The Map is Not the Territory at P21 in London

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