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Now Available The Exhibition Catalogue for “The Map is Not the Territory”‏

2a04c5c3-44a7-4c05-a9fc-14b57bf5b2adAs the show is attracting and receiving more and more attentions I’d like to share few links as well as announce the exhibition catalogue. available on Amazon.

To learn more about the exhibit, visit our website here

The Map is Not the Territory” looks at relationships and commonalities in Palestinian, Native American, and Irish experiences of invasion, occupation and colonization. Although many peoples worldwide have suffered long and often brutal intrusions, Palestinians, Native Americans and the Irish have intersected for centuries in specific and often unusual ways. What are some of these intersections and how do contemporary artists examine and process them through their own lives and visions?The artists and writers — most of them Palestinian, Native American and Irish — explore the many profound connections between these three groups across centuries of conflict and resistance in this enlightening and revolutionary exhibition conceived by Jennifer Heath and co-curated with Dagmar Painter.

The Map is Not the Territory” will tour through 2018. To follow the show’s progress from Washington D.C. to London and beyond, check out our calendar.

Responses to the Catalogue“Given the current climate around the Middle East, and especially around Israel’s predations in Palestine, few in the world of the arts have had the courage to approach the subject, or the intelligence to approach it reasonably. This exhibition and publication make amends for such omissions, and do so with fierce integrity.” — LUCY R. LIPPARD, writer, art critic, activist and curator, author most recently of Undermining: A Wild Ride Through Land Use, Politics and Art in the Changing West

“The Map is Not the Territory” is a phenomenal project … a terrific collection of words and images. The connections among Natives, Palestinians and Irish are both fruitful and under explored, so this show will go a long way in addressing a deficit in transnational exploration of the communities who withstood colonization. I feel profoundly enriched having engaged the creativity of these artists. — STEVEN SALAITA, scholar, writer and public speaker, author ofThe Holy Land in Transit: Colonialism and the Quest for Canaan

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