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Wag that tail!

Without expectations, love, wag that tail and be happy.

Enough of miserable cynical artists!

Performance at Otis Graduate Open studios

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Photos by Soo Yun Jun

Anxious and afraid as others become estranged I drown in to my self-strangeness. I cling my smile inside a grin. My tight lips chewing on another missed CIAO.

Ciao, dammed, relax the jaw, open the mouth up, unclog that heart out, let the air in, decanter life in a full vowelled big fat CIIIIAAAAAOOOO.

A Ciao, would pop me open like a bottle of spumante fizzing out and all over. A Ciao would get rid of the stale bile stuck inside the alveoli.

I don’t say CIAO anymore, I mean a full-hearted, happy CIAO, A CIAO full of life and joy, a CIAO like a full swung tail wagging. The wagtail of a happy dog that fervently swings from one side to the other tipping off balance. A wag of tail that has no expectations other than to say CIAO, I am happy to see you too.

Instead, I grind on all the lost ciaos, loosing the expansiveness of a ray of sun that warms no matter what.

Loosing the courage of living and rather kick back into the limbo of insecurity.

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