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Levantine Cultural Center, Los Angeles, May 8-June 22, 2014


* Amazing and profound. Great works and terrific idea. “Parallel Paths” displays and exposes not just the history of Palestinians, Native Americans & Irish, but also the history of human suffering & conditioning, from displacement to abandonment (?) to oppression. This exhibit is an opportunity for all & everyone to open their eyes to the horrors in our history & open theirs hearts & minds to bring those to an end.


* A beautiful, profound, enlightening and moving exhibition. The links are delicately yet clearly drawn. The texts are (?) research and written and the artworks are richly varied and (?). I smiled much more than I expected to! I am Irish-American, so I was especially struck by Irish History Lesson 1 & 2, which evoke some of what “Irishness” feels like to me. “Flying Lesson #7 is sheer, surprising joy. An amazing exhibition.

—Signature unreadable

* As someone interested in history, seeing a real Palestinian passport issued by the British was amazing and of course sad. I wish I knew what happened to the owner of the passport and their families.

–Arielle Ziarty


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