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With a commitment charter, a Water Guardian guide and ambassadors such as Steve Ravussin, Zep, Anne Richard or Aurélien Ducroz, RACE FOR WATER Foundation wants to mobilise on a large scale so that we all become Water Guardian!


On this occasion, RACE FOR WATER Foundation is very pleased to welcome a new and well-known Water Guardian: Michel Desjoyeaux!


Multiple winner of offshore races, Michel Desjoyeaux has in the past already participated in RACE FOR WATER Foundation’s activities to deploy our ARGO float to gather scientific data on the oceans. We have also both educated children on water preservation, thanks to our partnership with TBS during the single-handed Solitaire du Figaro. By signing the Water Guardian Charter Michel Desjoyeaux gets more concretely involved in the commitment to reduce its water consumption. As sailor “The Professor” is the ideal link between water and general public to share and understand that water is essential to our daily life and we ALL must act to preserve it!


To become Water Guardian you just need by signing the Water Guardian charter and to commit to one or more of the following environmental acts:


I will CALCULATE my water footprint
I PLEDGE to reduce my water footprint by using environmentally friendly products
I will choose REGIONAL and SEASONAL food
I will LIMIT my daily water consumption
I will use my cothes LONGER
I will SWITCH OFF my electrical appliances


I will REJECT all non-recyclable plastic
I CHOOSE packaging made from renewable resources
I RECYCLE all glass and stainless products
I RECYCLE what I cannot refuse, re-use or reduce
I USE a basket or a biodegradable bag
I use a NON-DISPOSABLE WATER BOTTLE whenever possible


To sign the charter


To calculate your water footprint: (in French only)


Tips to reduce your footprint, thanks to Water Guardian guide: (in French only)


Meet our Water Guardians

At 20 years, Michel Desjoyeaux is recruited by Eric Tabarly for his first race world tour in the crew member. Since then, monohull, multihull, small or big boat in regatta between three buoys or around the world, Michel Desjoyeaux has forged a unique record in the sailing world.


Specialist of solo race, he is the only sailor who won three “Solitaire du Figaro” (in 1992, 1998 and 2007), two “Vendée Globe” (2000-2001 and 2008-2009), the Route du Rhum (2002) and the English Transat (2004).

He also won in double and crew, whether the “Transat AG2R 92” or the “Transat Jacques Vabre” 2007, Vulcain Trophy 2011 on Lake Leman on a Decision 35, and more recently the European Tour MOD 70.

Passionate by the competition, Michel approaches his sport with extraordinary professionalism. He knows at the same time how to innovate and refine the most common detail. He builds each of his victory on land as much as at sea by treating with the same meticulous design the development of his boats, operating and weather strategy.

His human qualities recognised by all make him an appealing personality. Available and instructor, he never loses an opportunity to share with others his love for the sea and a job well done.
World Water Day



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