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Back in the days, when back in the dark room, I used to play with light and time. Through the enlarger I was attempting to immortalized them on my photograms to depict plastic bags.  Time and light, and plastic bags, what an appropriate equation, now that plastic bags are magically vanishing from our daily lives. Silently departing, they leave for the archive of history. Will we miss the rustle that invaded our environments? Plastic bags, consumerism’s new scapegoat, banned to make space to the next one. As technology is substituting time, this time I have scanned the last of plastic bags. I have scanned their flimsy essence to penetrate through the dermis of our ghostly souls. In no time and effort I have pierced through the layers of crust, of bark, of fur, of skin, of membrane, of epidermis,  of peel, and got inside the organ of poetry, scanned and canned onto yet another sheet.


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