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While I’d like to remind everybody one more time of the show The Map is not the Territory at the  Jerusalem fund gallery Al-Quds in Washington DC, I also take the opportunity to post the work and its statement currently on display there.

Also The Jerusalem Fund Gallery website has been updated with 3 new videos and a wonderful artist talk with D.C.-based arists Mona El-Bayoumi, Phoebe Farris and Helen Zughaib

This time it’s not plastic bags!

DSCF0320CRUMBS OF LAND: KHOBZ A WORD FOR FREEDOM Globalization: a beautiful intention with frightening consequences, a grotesque artifice or simply the natural outcome of the human process of evolution? It is in this globalized world of low costs airlines fares and wars on petrol that I have been mapping my territory. I have been weaving my relationships among people across different nations and cultures, petrol and wars rule the trajectory of my heart. A world coming together in a burst of technology whilst generations of young nomadic souls traverse the universal river of interconnectedness only to reach the patrolled shores of globalization. And I wonder where the line between global interconnectivity trespassing on cosmic consciousness might be. Maybe right here, where the illusion of freedom dissolves into blood soaked imperialism enmeshed in individualism. How much longer can I be spared by war? How much longer will my life-style enslave my neighbour? Whichever nationality, race or belief I am still tied in the same cosmic string of molecules: humanity trapped inside a pang of drops bleeding across territories. I, a middle-class, white, European, woman, travel the fractured land smuggling my consciousness whilst stepping on the crumbs of someone else’s bread, some else’s freedom.

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