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Still 5WAITING ROOM and the previous two videos  (FOR SALE NOT FOR SALE and TRA ORIZZONTE, INFINITO E PRECIPIZIO C’E’ IL MARE) posted prior to this, are my last works for this season.Still 1

Next week I’ll start a new adventure at OTIS College for Art and Design in Los Angeles. For the next two years I will be a student again attending Suzanne Lacy’s Public Practice MFA programme.

While I am very excited for this amazing opportunity and to the prospect to intensively learn and experiment again I am also holding my breath in trepidation, wondering what will happen next to my art and I. Where will we be going?8

This video WAITING ROOMS was inspired by PAUL KIKUCHI’s music. The piece is from the album OPEN GRAVES: HOLLOW LAKE and titled: WAITING ROOM! Although other circumstances influenced the making of the film I really liked the idea that this time a video work was created to complement a piece of music rather than the other way around.

I am a great fun of Paul’s work and this is not the first time that we ‘collaborate’ or better that he lends his work to me!

I met Paul at the Montalvo Arts Center in 2012 and would love to meet JESSE OLSEN BAY too. Jesse and Paul perform together in this album, check it out: OPEN GRAVES:HOLLOW LAKE PREFERTURE RECORDS© 2009


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