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Here it finally comes! Now it’s more of a reminder of ‘PASSING THROUGH’ Palazzo Bottigella in Pavia last winter.

The video is longer than usual but this time I really wanted to express the hard work that gets invested into making artworks. Often is tedious and  physical work but a necessary and vital phase to materialize the vision of an idea.

Some people might just like to see the final artwork as in a magic wound pop up gesture. Personally I think that the real magic lies in the process of chasing up an idea until it becomes true. The magic is the  force behind the discipline invested and the commitment to pursuing a creation: a work of art.

In the past year in few but heartbreaking occasions my bags have been thrown away after they had finished serving their function as art.

To me it was unbelievable how a museum and couple of other places took the decision to dispose of my work even if in tatty and decaying conditions, that was actually the point from the very beginning.

These incidents made a very poignant point  that I find relevant to the concept of my work. It is interesting to once again notice how most people view plastic bags as the usual disposable, worthless and cumbersome object that we are impatiently waiting to get rid of.

Well, here it is, this long tedious video partly shows how much time and hardship goes into making the artwork.

What the video doesn’t portray is all the other more hidden phases: collection, storage, deinstalling, dissembling, drying, recycling, packing, documenting, shipping thousand of plastic bags.

Of course it is much easier to get rid of them in the rubbish bin, but that is exactly the point!

Fortunately I was able to reclaim all the bags used for PASSING THROUGH, not even one got wasted! Thank you Mariangela Calisti!

In fact I was also able to recycled plastic pipes and metal wire. Some of the bags here in the videos have been repurposed evolved into a new life and meaning at the  Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains in Lausanne.

Long Live my bags, I say!

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