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In Lausanne at Mudac, one of the many people visiting the show was Anne-Cecile Turner, the director of MULTIONEATTITUDE:

The Multi One Attitude Foundation is a charity dedicated to Water preservation. The Foundation aims to use sailing as a means for education and awareness of key water sustainability issues and find solutions for those key issues. The mission of the foundation is simple: bringing people together to preserve water.

The Foundation aims to gather institutions, decision-makers and the general public to engage them in two essential issues around water: ocean and freshwater preservation.

To fulfill its mission, the Multi One Attitude Foundation has set up a program based on three principles:

LEARN : To raise public awareness
SHARE : Work together to make a difference
ACT : Implement concrete solutions

Soon in October there will be a show at their space in Geneva, I was asked to take part but I am leaving soon for my MFA programme in L.A. I would have loved to participate to such purposeful event. Do check out their website it is very useful and definitely worth it:

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