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During an internet search I came across this page: Only to discover that someone took pictures of my work and is now selling it on line. Or at least that is what I understood. Very interesting indeed! Is that legal?

The work photographed and now for sale is the one created for the Broomhill National Sculpture Park in 2010 titled OASIS:  a large outdoor installation of 20 palm like trees set in North Devon. The photo was taken by Tim Graham and is being sold by Gettyimages.

Don’t they need my permission at all?

I purposely don’t sale my artwork to avoid its commodification but apparently someone else is, and ruthlessly so! Why don’t they create their own artworks to photograph it and sell it?

I suppose it’s like photographing nature, one just expect it to be there and exploit it……..

How ethical is that? Some things never seem to change.

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