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While in London I attended a very interesting and special art event:

Richard Wentworth walk and talk in collaboration with BHP

A project By Eduardo Padilha & Maiko Tsutsumi

I was glad not to miss this opportunity and to enjoy some of Richard Wentworth early photographic works set in a cosy common laundry room inside a 1930s South London Council Block. Michael Marriot also being part of the deal, interacted with that very same space mechanically carving out large peep holes. A simple gist that opened up the space and our imagination……..

Superstar artist Richard Wentworht was adorable leading a nice crowd through the neighbourhood and to the local pub for more conversation and sharings…….

Here are more info about that event

Date and Location

Monday 22nd October

Departing from BalinHouseProjects at 6.30 pm

The Laundry Room will be open from 5.30 pm with refreshments

For further information or to take part please visit or contact Eduardo Padilha:

eduardo@balinhouseprojects / 07813 949080

Balin House Projects

Flat 22, Balin House

Long Lane

London SE1 1YQ

“Richard Wentworth holds unusual keys to the area, knowing it first in the year he left school in 1965. He lived from 1967 until 1974 on Balfour Street SE17 and watched the preparations for the construction of the Heygate Estate,and the arrival of its first occupants. In 1969,with other RCA graduates, he founded Dilston Studio (now Grove) which was his workshop until 1978.His association with the invention of ‘Goldsmiths’ in these years coincided with the first period of decline in the docks , warehousing ,stockholding and manufacturing throughout SE1, SE16, SE11 and SE17, penetrating down into SE5. His records of this path to dereliction and social and technological change, formed the base for his work “Making Do and Getting By’, first seen at the Whitechapel Gallery in 1985.Wentworth describes this as an accidental glossary , a compendium of small acts which provided some of the adhesion and cohesion over this period.

He came to see that this is a ‘dialect’, a ‘lingo’, a kind of cultural continuum , employed by humans as prescient adjustments in unstable moments.”

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