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That’s the plan

So far I have accomplished the first stage: 7000 plastic bags moulded in to their shape. These will go on top of 1000 bamboo sticks.  Cutting and collecting bamboo canes will engage me next. The third part for the preparation of the green house installation at Casa Didun is to attached the ‘heads to the canes’.
In the fifth phase I will plant them into the ground while before that, the fourth phase, will consist in organizing the opening event: a small town festival amidst  the artwork inside the green house with food and music. A pot-luck with music and art!
There will be another phase to work on: getting in touch with local schools to try to get them involved if not just for one workshop as well as contacting local administrations and business to have them participate in any way possible if not just to introduce them to our programme and open their eyes of what is happening around them!
This will take up to December, right before Xmas. 
November seems to be a dead period here anyhow, so Monica and I are thinking to take advantage of the upcoming festive moods!

In November I will also be working full time helping out my parents. This won’t leave much room for art. It takes time for one person to make art work as well as to organize an art event and set the foundation for an artists programme. 

So if you are out there and have any ideas on how to help out gives us a shout! Maybe you could help by promoting this venture!
Last week my friend Ilia kindly drove down from Milano to introduce us to her friend Corrado Elena. Corrado is a passionate culture lover and the organized of Villa Faraldi Art Festival. Villa Faraldi is a lovely little town nestling in the nearby hills of Diano Marina (
I am hoping that our meeting might lead to future art collaborations between Dolcedo and Villa Faraldi spreading culture, art and any other exchange of any other sort whilst providing artists with new exciting opportunities.

Here are few pics of how bits of the 7000 plastic bags have spread around taking over space. Now they have been tamed and squeezed in to big laundry bags, stored until I am ready to set them up in December.

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