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So while I am working away, unfortunately not just on my project at Casa Didun, although so far I moulded 2877 plastic bags out of 7000, I am also thinking:

Italy is saturated with monuments and memorials: an art form that requires huge budgets to keep its legacy and message alive.
Beautiful monuments to history. They’ re all over. They’re the Country’s cultural heritage. Italy’s pride. Italians struggle to preserve and not just financially.
All of them are fabulous, narrating the tale of our history; but the world has changed and we need to tell a different story now. 

As much as it is vital to remember the past I am wondering how to use art to transmit to posterity examples of altruism. Wouldn’t a ‘greener’ environment be a wonderful sculpture for our next generations to enjoy?
Maybe all the bronze horses and their marble pedestals would be better off too! Imagine: darting in the clean air, no pollution gnawing on hoofs or corroding the immortal rider!
My vision is to offer temporary, ephemeral, sculptural manifestations that can have beneficial lasting impact on communities, rather than add more bulky shapes, lasting forever until taken for granted. There is no more room left for imposing stiff presences that cost millions only to get eventually overlooked; mainly ignored because felt distant from people’s every day reality.

Don’t we already have enough monuments, memorials, buildings to maintain? The budgets for art are getting slimmer by the day. Technology labor being privileged over art labor or in fact over any other kind of labour.  How to fit the new artists generation into this tight panorama? How not to loose the artisan skills of artists’ craftsmanship? 

A lighter more flexible and humble art form that can squeeze in between the left over cracks of space, is my option. Personally I believe in the idea of transiency as a method. I like complementing what already exist, interacting with updated interpretations of the world to create a lively exchange between past and present.

How many monuments to nature, or memorials to agriculture are there in western modern world?

It seems to me that we are mostly surrounded by sculptures celebrating power, that is: war, conquests, wealth, religion or death.
Time seems unable to erode those chipped symbols but strengthens them instead. The reality is that they are stale now, hard to chew on and to digest.

The picture I have in mind for Casa Didun is that of a creative festival dedicated to Art&Agriculture that celebrates both disciplines connecting new and ancient forms that cannot be destroyed because even if ephemeral they sprout and bloom out of our souls.

We need art, we need more art to counter balance the dry rarefied air of technology. Let’s not have our human resources drying out in the aseptic breeze nor leave our spiritual fruits rotting on the branches of consumerism.

Let’s balance everything out in a colurful organic and lively scenery that breathes in a healthier environment.

My feelings are nor original or unique, many, many other artists have or are engaged with the same concerns, I only want to follow their footsteps.

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