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……so, this tissue of land that is sandwiched between the Mediterranean sea and the Alps, and that bridges France to Tuscany, needs art!

Tucked away in the between, this stretch is in any way not french and yet a bit a-part from Italy’s main boot body. Each side about to let go in what feels a farewell hug before heading off and slide into a new cultural landscape: La Provence.
The ‘Provençal’ County: Nice was in fact detached from Italy in 1860 during a trade exchange between Napoleon III and Cavour. Across the new border these two separated bits re-introduce each other at the ‘Ponente Ligure’.

Ligurians character reflect the difficult and narrow stiffness of their land’s geography: closed, tight minded, reticent and reluctant to open up

While other regions like Piemonte, Tuscany or Lombardia are slowly broadening their cultural views and in that process are enhancing their traditions, Ligurians are kind of stuck into they corner, anchored to their hermetic customs.

It is my impression that this part of the world is in desperate need for some art, I say!

If you like to take part to this programme here are few pics of what will welcome you.

This is the house where you will reside. Franco made it!
It’s divided in two charming two-bedrooms flats, one on top of the other. Each can accommodate 2 artists, let’s have a tour!

The house overlooks the swimming pool and the village of Isolalunga.

Behind this big bush is the entrance of the ground-floor flat

…….while these steps take you to the entrance of first floor flat.

Here are pics of the bottom floor flat:

                                                         The kitchen

Sitting room

          Bedroom 1


                                                         Bedroom 2

Shared Bathroom

And back outside

……and under the wines to get to the greenhouse, I love this spot!


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