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To try to complete the narrative picture, here are some visual of the space in question. Let’ have a tour together!

To welcome you to the main part of the property is a lush swimming pool area. How cool?
A contrast to the rest of the farming surroundings.

First on the right are two beautiful restored old cattle barns, all in stones. These have been transformed into guest houses and are part of Monica’s Agriturismo enterprise. Here is the link to Monica business:

To introduce you to the main space I thought I walk you through little corners that are typical of Liguria and of this area. Here is an old shrine.

Keep walking further, pass by Casa Giacomo and  under the vines typically called ‘uva fragola’. Small black  very, very sweet globes that pop in your mouth with an addicting strawberry acidity.

This was another dilapidate barn.
The local contadini used to build them to store hay, chicken, cattle and the beautiful big okra tinted clay jars where olive oil used to be kept.

Several charming old decaying barns have survived on Monica’s land, most have been beautifully restored by Franco: Monica’s husband. Franco is a very talented builder as well as a keen and devoted farmer. He is originally from the Southern region of Calabria. His parents were also farmers and owned land, cattle, vines and more. Franco’s father even build his own distillery out of copper to make the most dangerously delicious grappa, that we used to soothed with their speciality home made salami: soppressata.
Franco’s knowledge of farming is also deeply rooted, a treasure that has not gone wasted but is complementing this plot of land.

Keep going straight along the path, pass the orchard on your right.
In the distance is Franco Tractor!

LA SERRA, how it is called in italian, in all its splendor!

Walk along the green house and follow the water sound, do you see the forest of Bamboo canes shooting up? Yes, look below, there runs the river of dolcedo: Il Torrente Prino.

Is it not an amazing and superb artists space?
1000 square feet of space!

And look what views! That on top is the village of Isolalunga

Now that you have seen the green house let’s discover the rest of the property available for artists to get inspired by and to work on.

On the right of the green house is another huge area available.

Few more typical and inspiring corners

I love prickly pears! it’s the season now, together with figs and grapes.
There is nothing more delicious than to harvest those treats directly form their trees and plants. I feel so lucky and full of joy!

The goat house!

More land to be creative and make art  on!

The chicken coop!
From outside

….and from inside

Another barn left by the old ‘contadini’

 Olive trees on the terrace!

Another irresistible corner: doesn’t the village look like a pastel painting?

Still walking and discovering the land around the green house. I am planning to use this barn for another art project!

Back to the front side of the green house. Another great space just opposite its entrance. This is where I am planning to extend my work out to, from the inside to the outside.

The tour is complete but let’s have a last look at the Green house!


…….from the back

… the left

and to its right!

What do you think? is it an amazing place that offers and amazing opportunity?

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