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Giacomo was one of those people never tempted to leave his land for the ‘provincia’ nor has ever been Monica.
Giacomo loved the land and invested his life into it. So is Monica.
He was an amazing talented and ingenious entrepreneur who made a good living off the land. Many, many funny stories spring out every time we mention him and his original, unique character.
One of his accomplishments is this massive green house set on a vast plot of land!

Ever since my first steps into the arts, Monica had been suggesting I use that amazing alternative space.
The green house was build in 1985 with the use of then latest technology: a metal and glass structure rather than wood and glass. A real sturdy and ambitious project completely in tune with Giacomo’s grand personality, I say!
The green house has lasted intact to this days and therefore is still in use even if only in parts and in parts of the year only.
Tons of tomatoes have been growing in it as well as flowers, and many other vegetables including the great ‘Trombette’. Trombette are a local and unique kind of zucchini, only more delicate and delicious.
Giacomo in fact had cross pollinated and bred his own type of trombetta that is known in all the local markets as far as Sanremo.

As you can imagine I have been wanting to work in the green house for ages now but never had the time, mainly because too busy attending artist’s residencies abroad!
But now finally the right moment has come to fulfill this dream!


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