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A new Artists’ Programme inspired by Friendship, Art, Nature and Agriculture

I hope that my previous little description of Dolcedo can help form and idea and an image for you to depict the rest of the project: Casa Didun Artists’ Residency Programme.

Monica Orengo is part of that generation that opted for local.
She is one of Dolcedo’s inhabitants and is the red thread that links the older generations to the new ones. Her beloved dad Giacomo was born in that valley and so was she!

We met at University and became sisters!
While studying in Genova we were flat mates and shared interests and university courses as well as many fun and crazy times that have accompanied us to this day and not just in memories!

Monica’s love for nature led her to stubbornly follow her dad’s footsteps into the world of agriculture.
My love for nature led me into the world of fine arts!

Despite many different opportunities, from the very beginning Monica was always clear that she wanted to be involved with the local land.
I myself was never that clear. Born in a city and raised in between Countries and provinces my innate love for the environment took a longer and more convoluted route to public manifest itself. Instilled by a german nature lover mother and by Italian grandparents who were farmers as well as Fiat workers it eventually guided me to work in function of that very passion for nature.

Monica proudly has never left Dolcedo if not for studies or holidays.
I travel the world but always go back to Dolcedo. (Despite my parents live in a different village)
I fell in love with Dolcedo immediately.
Monica has never fallen out of love for Dolcedo.

Since the 90′, when Monica introduced me to her hometown, we have been dreaming and making industrious plans on what the future of Dolcedo should be.

Now Monica is an established entrepreneur that has been fusing land and agriculture with tourism.
I instead I am not that established but an artist!
The obvious outcome of this equation where the common factors are land and nature
is this artists’ residency dedicated to Art and Agriculture set on Monica’s land in Dolcedo.

Does this all make sense to you too?

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