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I am really pleased to announce that the time based media travelling exhibition has finally started its journey.
its now showing at the Los Gatos Museums in California.
Nigeria is already scheduled next in October by Upez African Humanitarian Development Projects
then Colorado, West Virginia, Connecticut, Texas, and California, hopefully Bangladesh and Italy will join in next.

It is an heroic effort to put together such pertinent art event. For this we can all thank its curator: Jennifer Heath. The goal is to not have all that creative energy dissipate and washed away by time and space but rather to build upon and gain strength to cross many oceans, reaching out to many people.
A regatta for better awareness of ourselves, for our new world and for the future of many young people to come.
It is a non-profit event and will need all kinds and possible support, for more info do check out the website:
here you can find out about Jennifer Heath, about the artists participating,  the itinerary of the show as well as discover many useful links and resources.  If you feel generous and supportive you could also make a donation to keep this exhibition afloat for longer as well as to extend its journey. Contribute and you will be part of a much bigger project that will grow with you……….jump on board to sail across the bridge, I say!

Spread the word to the world!

By the way I am very honoured to have two of my videos be part of this festival.

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