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‘Mighty like a flower’ has been going through a lot!

 So ‘Mighty like a flower’ has been completed, the last elements have been added on, these are the ones made by the volunteers, they are absolutely beautiful, much nicer than mine, I think. They are much more fragile and vulnerable and therefore more beautiful, I say.
They also depict new shapes and forms are all mingling to the right side of the loan.
I thought they deserve a special section for themselves, were all those wonderful shapes coming out of them can be better admired.
These shapes have becoming much more transient with the sprinklers blasting at them.
I went mad when I first saw it! I stormed down the load attacking the poor gardener who replied, but is only plastic!
I then complained to everybody who crossed my way, spreading the word of the imminent disaster.
My very special section being destroyed by sprinklers! Maybe that was suppose to be the destiny of those plastic bags pretending to be roses, to be sprinkled to death with fresh water every day. Maybe they like it and I should not interfere with their course of inevitable decay and destruction and just document the changes. The fact is that after all that drama I have created, the sprinkler have now been shut down indefinitely so that the volunteers section can enjoy a prolonged life for just a little bit longer, but what about the loan and the green grass?

I realize that I need better pics to depict that section, but I physically had no time for it and when I got around it last weekend I was so bummed that another section of the installation was missing.
A cluster of 10 elements are gone and nowhere to be seen, among them was a rose covered by an umbrella that I had especially made to link the very far end of the loan to the rest of the space.

This incident really tells me how desperate some people are to own a bunch of plastic bag! So much for Public Art and Community!

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