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Invitation to Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival – 21 to 23 October

Two of my short videos have been selected by artist and curator Richard Ashrowan for this year Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival

here are all the details:
 Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival is happening the weekend after
> next – from Friday 21st to Sun 23rd October, in Hawick, Scottish
> Borders. As Creative Director for the festival, I wanted to invite you
> personally (well, almost personally…), to what I hope will be a
> stimulating, challenging and enjoyably long weekend of stunning film
> and moving image work. This year, we’ve themed it around ‘landscape
> and the four elements’. 

> Our much expanded programme includes a full two days of
> feature-length screenings in two venues – the main auditorium at Tower
> Mill in Hawick, plus the amazing 42 seat cinema of the Hawick Film and
> Video Group. We’re also taking over several empty shops for artists
> installations around the town, and running our own ‘Improbable Cinema’
> space throughout the three day festival.

> Check the website for full programme details:

> I would appreciate it very much if you would circulate information
> about the festival within your own networks – we need all the support
> we can get as we rely heavily upon word of mouth. 

> A few highlights include:

> -‘Burning Ice’, introduced by producer David Buckland, from Cape
> Farewell.
> -‘The Druids’, a special preview introduced by filmmaker Louise
> Milne. 
> -‘Rivers and Tides’, a documentary about the work of Andy
> Goldsworthy. 
> -‘Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left For The East’, a meditative South Korean
> film.
> -‘Mirror’ by Andrei Tarkovsky, a classic of Russion cinema,
> introduced by author Sean Martin.
> -‘A Night to Remember’, a classic 1958 film about the Titanic
> disaster. 

> -‘That Untravell’d World’, will be introduced by Scottish artist
> Julie Brook, presented as part of a double bill with ‘Sound Aspects of
> Material Elements’, introduced by artist John Grzinich.
> -‘Anarcadia’, introduced by artist filmmaker Ruth Maclennan.
> -‘Slow Action’ by Ben Rivers.
> – ‘Elementals: Serious Light’ – a special programme of mainly 16mm
> film chosen for us by American filmmaker and film activist Pip
> Chodorov, including works by Stan Brakage, Barbara Kultinis, Mary Beth
> Reed, Patrick Bokanowski and Jacques Perconte.

> We are screening over 40 short films, in several ‘Elementals’
> programmes and in different places. Filmmakers include Steven Ball
> (UK), The Icelandic Love Corporation (Iceland), The Olivers (UK),
> Henry Coombes (UK), Ashley Nieuwenhuizen (UK), Claudia Borgna (UK),
> James Cunningham (Aus), Tanya Shilina-Conte (USA), Wolfgang Lehrner
> (Austria), Mihai Grecu (France), Lin Li (UK), Anne Patsch (UK),
> Samantha Rebello (UK), Pat Law (UK), Debra Fear (UK), Robyn Hall (UK),
> Patricia Townsend (UK), Brigid McCaffrey (USA), Victoria Claire Bernie
> (UK), Katri Walker (UK), Colin Andrews (UK), Su Grierson (UK), plus
> others.

> There are artist moving image and sound installation works throughout
> the town of Hawick, including:

> – ‘The Glass Essay’ by Joanna Kane.
> – ‘Auditory Scenes’ (sound art) by James Wyness and others.
> – ‘Beneath and Beyond: Seismic Sounds’ by Stephen Hurrel.
> – ‘Deathbed’ by Sigurdur Gudjónsson.
> – Alice Betts.
> – ‘Like Fish in Sand’ by Rocio Jungenfeld.
> – Emma Osbourn.
> – ‘Highland River’ by Norman Shaw.
> – ‘The Horsebox’ by Pat Law and others.

> And, not to forget, I have a new piece of work, ‘Diagram: Utopia’, a
> small installation in the Horsebox. I shall also be doing an
> experimental collaborative sound and moving image performance event
> with James Wyness on the Saturday night.

> Do let me know personally if you can come … and please tell your
> friends! 


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