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Grand Experience, collaboration with Nina Haft & Dance Company

This coming Sunday the 16th is around the corner and Nina Haft with her dancers ( will be performing in the museum space together with my bags.

For more info look up the Museum webpage:

here is my statement for this project:

Nina Haft &Dance Company collaborating with Claudia Borgna
Edmer Lazaro
Mo Miner
Frances Sedayao

This collaboration is about transformation through experimentation and improvisation.
To me it also is about pushing my boundaries: leave my comfort zone by allowing months of hard work to be shifted around, altered, destroyed and ultimately changed by ‘intruders’ in a just few instants!
The idea behind is to introduce the dancers to an unknown setting: a sculptural landscape they have never seen before and contained inside a museum space. A whole new environment they are free to navigate, explore, and within which, their sense of surprise will be expressed through the form of dance. Marvel or disgust? Whichever way their reactions, it will be a spontaneous interaction with their novel and precarious surrounding; to the point their presence and interventions will in fact transform it!
Their moves might expose strength, vulnerability, confusion, anger, annoyance or even tenderness. The whole spectrum of feelings and emotions provoked by the plastic bags scenery, might unfold just in front of us. 
A dance between boundaries and disciplines: possibly revealing the fragility of our constructions and definitely of mine!
Like the plastic bags, the dancers will perform the metaphor of life, bound to be full with its neurotic contradictions and beauties.
The dancers will bring to the museum not only their professional skills but also their personal baggage on top of their unique imagination.
I am looking forward to see my artwork enriched by all the new and different connotations that this performance will add to it.
I am certain that I will discover new meanings and fresh layers of stories that can only be accomplished with the help of the viewers: only then the work will have been completed to it’s full cycle.
This time the work inside a Museum can be touched, manipulated, and even destroyed!

An Interview with Sam Bowers at the Los Gatos Art Museum for KCAT TV-15
Camera: Russell Cordell


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