So the next day I wake up with all my sheep and swans and poodles, and went searching for welsh sheep. I was lucky this time! I cannot tell you the experience: the welsh sheep went crazy for my plastic creatures! They started charging towards us, Steady!  Despite my expectations of them scare away and my preoccupation of the best way to chase them into my picture frame!  At the beginning I thought me and my globalized plastic herd were under attack really quite scary. I was ready to jump off the fence and run out of surprise! At some point it got so loud with their screams of joy, I suppose, that I felt embarrassed. But what can I say I was flattered by such responsive audience! Truly great appreciation. No museum nor gallery could ever compare to this welcoming experience and I could not have hope of anything better. The sheep loved my sculptures and nibbled all over them (maybe because of the salt of the sea water from the day before) to the point I had to take them away and back to were they came form: into my studio, were they have became into a river!


 So by 8000 bags and still going, I decided to have a little break in between. Inspired by the Welsh landscape and playing with biblical references I set off with my little herd of plastic sheep to Clarech. During my explorations I thought I had found the perfect spot to set them in, so that I could blend them into the summer grazing together with all the local sheep. I have kept an eye on that spot for a while now but when got there yesterday, of course there were no bloody sheep anymore! All gone! Not one even one sheep left for the sake of art! No sheep around that I could see. I was really bummed. I lost my mojo and considered leaving and go to the pub instead, but it had been such an effort to just get there and carry the plastic beasts over the hills that I had to stick around for a bit longer and try to make something out of it even without any imspiration… are some pics


 8000 plastic bags performing on the theatre stage of Aberystwyth arts Centre!

The bags are performing only for me!
In a work called: ‘HANGING LANDSCAPE’
But I thought  I share some visuals anyhow!

 On that day I have taken almost 500 photos and many hours of film. Editing has been a nightmare, like usual I could not make my mind up so the selection I have finally come up with is quite a large one!


 Working away I have now taped together 8000 plastic bags. My studio is stuffed with them and there are more to come!
Yesterday we had the privilege, me and all of my bags to go for a day to the Aberystwyth Theatre.
Wow, did they love the stage! so huge and magical, really special. I tested them all out, but it was a mad race against time, from 8am till 10pm, setting them up, photographing them and filming just to actually see what I have done until now!

Here are few pics of how I have install them. There are videos coming hopefully soon featuring the performance that I have filmed to go with the work.