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So the next day I wake up with all my sheep and swans and poodles, and went searching for welsh sheep. I was lucky this time! I cannot tell you the experience: the welsh sheep went crazy for my plastic creatures! They started charging towards us, Steady!  Despite my expectations of them scare away and my preoccupation of the best way to chase them into my picture frame!  At the beginning I thought me and my globalized plastic herd were under attack really quite scary. I was ready to jump off the fence and run out of surprise! At some point it got so loud with their screams of joy, I suppose, that I felt embarrassed. But what can I say I was flattered by such responsive audience! Truly great appreciation. No museum nor gallery could ever compare to this welcoming experience and I could not have hope of anything better. The sheep loved my sculptures and nibbled all over them (maybe because of the salt of the sea water from the day before) to the point I had to take them away and back to were they came form: into my studio, were they have became into a river!


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