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After setting up my work at Leicester Botanic Garden I made my way straight to Aberystwyth where I will be residing for the next three months: another residency!

I was just about to settle in when I received an urgent email from Leicester: My sculpture had collapsed!

Although to be completely honest, all along I felt that the installation was not properly  installed and was very unhappy with it.
But little time and small budget made me leave with that unsatisfied feeling.
In Aberystwyth I was not even able to enjoy the beauty all around me and value another amazing opportunity, always worried and anxious, waiting for the bad news to be delivered!

Finally it was here! and as annoying that always is I jumped on the first morning train.
Five hours later I was back on site and felt so relieved!
With the exceptional and amazing support of all the staff at the Gardens and all the contractors I was able to resolve the problem and fix the work back up….just on time for my last train back to Aberystwyth to rush to see Jamie Oliver latest show in Los Angeles.
Ten hours of solid travelling were well worth it for the sake of art and reputation!

Another expensive learning experience! Obviously in the wrong location. I felt so vulnerable with my flimsy installation against all the imposing and beautiful stone, bronze, wood and metal sculptures!
Of course in the eye of all that macho display I have proven my weakness!
Still I have reinforced my mind wanting to make work that is ever so vulnerable and transitional. always changing for the best and the worse.
I am still committed to make flimsy construction that are on the verge of collapsing, deteriorating and decaying, it’s very hard to follow through though,  when surrounded by a parade of strength and sturdy security.

I still need to work on my confidence as much as improving my art to push through and standby to what I think is the strongest aspect of my work.


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