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Claudia Borgna
A bunch of plastic: three hundred recycled plastic bags, taped, moulded and attached to sticks to form a large white bouquet of roses. Flowers, to commemorate what has been, the moment that will pass, and what will be forever.
Flowers to remind us of the cycle of lives that keep crossing paths in the most unexpected ways and places – their mingling genes breeding into the future.
Plastic bags just like coal are on their way towards extinction to give way to the new. Still they will remain in the memory of our life, to be archived as historic symbols of an era: each icon chronologically evolving from the other and their inputs designing our environment, our culture and our society. Both, coal and plastic bags, have shaped our modern life style and have fuelled the continuous struggle between man and nature, leaving the Rose as a survivor and a living proof of a more successful collaboration between man and nature. As undeniably everything affects everything, roses will carry the genes of history into their sprouting buds to renew their symbolic function and to once again commemorate hope.

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