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I am back from my trip to North Devon. I spent 2 and 1/2 gorgeous days at the Broomhill Art Hotel getting spoiled by Rinus and Aniet while setting up the work for the North Devon Hospice.
The weather was splendid and so the surroundings that contributed to soothe my chronic frenzy state my mind drags me into every time I set up a new piece!
The Atmosphere at the Hospice was very layback and relaxing, everybody was so amazingly supportive that I felt immediately at home and wished I could spend more time there not just in those amazing gardens and manicured grounds that extended out from the main building terraces, Wow, what a view! But also made me want to see and find out more of the people inhabiting the house: some enjoying life in many different ways, I suppose, some at their last stages of their life, taking in all the kindness and beauty, some other witnessing and learning from that experience.
I feel there is so much to learn from it and I am eager to soak into that knowledge especially now that my own parents are getting older and I don’t know nor understand what that means and how it feels. How do I deal with such circumstances and stay positive, extra tolerant, loving and giving and ultimately more open minded?

Anyways I thought the Hospice is a magnificent place for anybody to visit and spent time in. I can only hope for all hospices to be like that!
I would like to thank everybody I met at the hospice for having given access to me and my work.
It has been a great pleasure to see another side of life and how positive that can be. My only greatest worry and concern is for the work being up to this occasion and interacting gracefully with the weather of course!
In fact the day after I had left, very strong wind started to pick up…….hopefully the work is still up and a source of enjoyment if not visually maybe intellectually providing for more thoughts and conversation within the hospice community making their stay even more enjoyable.

I personally feel that my work perfectly fits the hospice environment if not just only for its concept that plays with the idea of moment and eternity and with the idea of cycle and transitory ephemerality.

I cannot ever thank enought Rinus and Aniet Van de Sande of the Broomhill Art Hotel for their generosity, amazing support and for creating this opportunity for us artists. It has certainly opened new doors to look into for me. Also I would have not been able to do such a neat and quick job without the precious help of Paul Cowie.

BAGS HISTORY: The plastic bags composing this work are the very same ones that previously formed the pieces: ‘Dancing with Waves’, ‘parts of: ‘Like a fish out of Water” and of ‘White noise’.
I also have recycled all the metal poles and the same cement bases of the work: ‘Oasis’


here are few pic and……

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