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‘THE BOTANY OF DESIRE’ next group show in Dallas

BOTANY OF DESIRE Main Gallery- University of Texas at Dallas

Exhibition is curated by Greg Metz

Opening: Friday, March 25 6:30-9:00pm

Dates March 25- April 23,1 2011

“Botany of Desire” examines the relational aesthetics visual artists share with the plant world. Whether through metaphor, cultivation, derivation or innovation, there is the sweet, the beautiful, the trippy, the traumatic, and the structural incorporate with which artists, like plants, struggle as co-evolving, reciprocal species.” Works include installations, paintings, drawings, plantings and mixed media by the following artists:

Claudia Borgna / London, Kimberly Alexander / Dallas, Ric Heitzman/ Los Angeles, Rebecca Beachy/ Chicago, Tracy Hicks/ Dallas, Jeffrey Miranda/ Dallas, Vernon Fimple/ Los Angeles – Arizona, Lizzy Wetzel /Dallas, NYC, Julia McLain/ Dallas, Albert Scherbarth/Dallas, Clayton Browning/ Dallas

About Claudia Borgna

Claudia Borgna artist

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