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Hello from Dallas

Hello to all again!…..Finally the Xmas holidays are over and hopefully we all had or will have a promising start somehow in whichever way!

I did mine in Dallas where I arrived just before Xmas! I must tell you this is a truly interesting place full with fascinating contradictions. I am completely intrigued and in my true element!
People are very nice but Texas is it’s very own and unique place with it’s very own culture and refreshingly different despite the social and possibly challenging political clouds (but which place doesn’t have those!). It seems to me that many people here are excited to make efforts for improvements and there is a kind of buzzzzzing feel lingering on the wide empty streets and over the endless parking lots.
On the other hand what is saddening me the most is to walk below the Deep Ellum streets and sense the loss of hope in the glazy eyes of african americans. That glaze, I feel, slips down across their body and from the gaze travels inside the deep tissue, into the muscles and by the time it reaches across the less colourful districts that tension has transformed into anger. Never I have felt so conscious of this energy that exudes into me and at times makes me hate my white self with all it’s european luggage even if I do feel always displaced as they might do.
Not only that, I also turn into a silly Gringa while amongst the latino community testing my spanish: what do I know about life really? I just wonder sometimes……..How would I be if deprived from my white european privileges of having biologically and genetically assimilated the hardships of history?
I think Dallas can be beautifully filled with blues and jazz, smokey barbecues and tamales, country music and celtic ginger streaks, and really, really good art, Texan Art too, but still it’s a place where extremes try to coexist like black and white, deep south and far north, continuously breaking and rearranging their borders.
Nevertheless I am looking forward to step out more and get more cultural and social contact.
Until now I have been locked up into my beautiful and large studio/living quarters of my residency at Centraltrak, a programme part of the University of Texas, editing videos of my last residency in Newfoundland.
I am posting them for you to see……although I feel that not many people have ever the time for that….but I have hope…maybe someday I get some feed back!!!

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