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THANK YOU TO ALL VOTERS and all kindred souls out there! I WON!

Hello again dear all, lovely people!

It has just been announced that apparently the public voted me the winner of the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize, I am not sure how that has happen….but obviously thanks to all of you, who have voted me and to the other kindred spirits that have visited the sculpture park!
I just wanted to thank you all for having supported my work and for making time to vote for me! I promise I won’t dissipate the prize in booze and travel but will finally invest it instead in the so needed video camera equipment and apple external hard drive to pursue my new video-making phase, unfortunately it is not enough to purchase new professional photo camera, so bare with me on the quality of my images…..but I think I will survive!!…..and of course I will pompously garnish my CV with such achievement!
Well I thought I share the good news with everybody, I know I am such a vain show off!!! I am over the moon!! Thank you all so much again! here it is though, the big announcement:

We hosted the judging day at Broomhill Art Hotel yesterday and now have the final results for this years competition.
The judging process was by no means easy, they all made comments about the overall quality of work and it was very close towards the final decision between four pieces. (Judging was: Peter Randall-Page, Sandy Brown, Giles Penny, Rinus and Aniet van de Sande).

The Judges Winner – Glynn Griffiths with Earth Seed
The Public Speaks Winner – Claudia Borgna with Oasis

(Public vote: Claudia, Charlie and joint 3rd place runners up Glynn and David Booth)

The judges also awarded a ‘special commendation’ to David Pratt, Charlie Hawkins, Claudia Borgna and Dawn van Gerven.

We were all very impressed with every piece, especially the consideration put in and level of quality achieved.
A BIG thank you for being a part of the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize!

Every piece was given feedback, as we thought this would be useful for you all in the future.
Beautiful, poetic, with an intriguing use of materials. Peter Randall-Page (and others) commented that it was one of the stongest pieces of the Ten!

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