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By the way if you are not in the Bay Area in California you might be in Birmingham and Solihull….well, then you could go and see this show which I am part of:

Adobe Systems

The Rea Garden is an outdoor artist’s project space in Digbeth, Birmingham. Previously the site of a burned down factory which, having been sealed off from the public for 15 years, it had transformed itself into an overgrown wilderness. From the autumn 2007 the site was re entered and developed by artist group Behind Closed Doors, alias; Arlene Burnett, Paul Newman and Leon Trimble for their project The Secret Garden. The site was subsequently renamed The Rea Garden, after the adjacent river Rea. It has since been hosting an artist in residence program which has seen varied and imaginative responses to the space.

This exhibition is part archive and visual history of the subtle and more pronounced changes the site over the past 3 years. It is also a document of the creative process and the art work, some of which has been re situated in the Solihull Gallery. The Rea Garden will continue as an artist led space and this exhibition tells the the story of its development so far. The artists who have been involved in the Rea Garden and feature in this exhibition are; Arlene Burnett, Paul Newman, Leon Trimble, Jamie Fowkes, The Family, (a.a.s in association with TROVE), Project Pigeon, Helen Grundy, Anne Guest, Hannah Hull, Claudia Borgna, Brigid Mc Leer and current Rea Garden resident artist Graham Dunning.

The Rea Garden Artist in Residence program and The Secret Garden have been supported by Arts Council England and National Lottery.

A Site of No Special Interest

A brief history so far of The Rea Garden artist project space

Private View: Thursday 9th September 6.00 – 7.30 pm

Open: Thursday 9th September – Saturday 9th October 2010

Solihull Arts Complex G1 Exhibition Space

Homer Road, Solihull. B91 3RG.

0121 704 8349.

Sarah Miah

Gallery Officer

Solihull Gallery

Solihull Arts Complex

Homer Road

Solihull B91 3RG

T: 0121 704 8138


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