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These are few images of the finally “finished” installation, I am sure nature will add it’s bit to the work and transform it into new and unexpected ways, having 9 months of time to work it’s magic and surprise us, despite the 15 bags of concrete, the steel tubes and the metal rods additions that I used to anchor a work of ephemeral nature.

What I feel most happy with is my attempted to change and transform the site by collecting and adding the pieces of wood that are scattered on the grounds to complement my idea of oasis and the order of the white plastic bags. Also I was pleased that I was able to make, transport and set the work up all by my self this gives me a great sense of freedom and independence, knowing that i can always rely on my very own physical and mental strength although the trust and the encouragement of the people around me that have been granting me the opportunities to show my work are what keeps me going: I could never do without their support!
Many new ideas, thoughts and new awareness have sprung out of the process of making and installing this work.

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