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So, After I went and came back from Broomhill, after enjoying all that marvellous hospitality (and food) from Anieta and Rinus and the gorgeous Broomhill Art Hotel gardens, I am still working on the bags!

At the moment I am working on two installations (Broomhill and the Harold Martin Botanical Gardens), in fact it is a quite stressful time, but I could not resist the temptation (if not just to unwind, keep my mind off things and at times change working mode) to edit the footage that I’ve filmed documenting the making of first ten elements that I have set out at Broomhill two weeks ago. Ten more elements are to come and will be hopefully added next week.
As you can see the 3 parts video turned out to be something completely different than just the documentation of the making process that I had initially intended to make, somehow the footage took its own course and life!
The Idea behind was to document the sound of the preparation of the 3000 plastic bags (part one) then, while piling them up and moving them around the room to make space for the new ones and for myself I saw other things happening ( part two).
Part three is about the packing up of the installation and the traveling with my bags.

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