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The Tip

While piling away and stacking more and more bags in the small sublet, working to get ready for the Broomhill art show, I couldn’t help but noticing stuff happening, so i decided to film it!
The initial stages of my art-making are factory or better mass production-like: very methodical and often monotonous although blissfully meditative! They usually consist of endless repetitive disciplined repetitions of the same movements to prepare a few thousand plastic bags, to shape them and mold them before they get all assembled into a final piece.
In a trance-like action I blindly follow a vision that keeps me at it for hours and days. Those long tedious hours I love! They enable me to explore my mind and my medium in more depth and each time in different ways. The process is what dictates the work. For me it is never really about a final piece of work, I feel I am always in a constant transitional phase of work in progress, one shape flows into the next one from one installation to the other in an unstoppable stream of thoughts and ideas. The journey of the process might be in-fact “the final piece”. Sometimes the changes are just very subtle: I work with a very limited selection of materials. I like to keep things simple and try to milk the most out of what I have.

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