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The other thing i have been doing this week is to organize my next group show at the Harold Martin Botanical Garden at University of Leicester in Leicester. The bags I will be using for this show are the same ones that were at the “Climate Change” Show at the Rhyl library Museum and Art Centre in Rhyl.

The title of that piece is: “It always rains on wet”
These 2000 bags will be boxed up and mailed to Leicester and together with another another couple of thousand bags that I will pick up from my London Storage will form the next art work.
For this exhibition I will be flying out of Italy into Birmingham and then take the train to Leicester and spend few nights there in a cheap hotel until the work is set up. During that time frame I will be also make a trip by the train to Aberyswyth in Wales to meet the organizers and visit my next summer residency place at the University of Aberyswith where i will be living and make art for a 3 months period
When I am not making art or applying for new opportunities I am always planning. Planning is one of my main activities that absorbs a big chunk of my liquid time. It constitutes a very important part of my art-making and life where I have to work out all the logistics in order to make art happen. The 2 main tyrants-dictators are time and budget!
It all becomes much easier when to be part of a show I just have to send in a DVD. This is the case of “After the End” group show at the Elysium Gallery in Swansea that i will be part of in May.
The video I will be showing there is titled: “Like a Fish out of Water”. It is a performance piece that I staged last year in Italy and was filmed and edited by photographer and video artist Donna Lee Corboy.

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